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New Beginnings- 1. LO – I know how to get along with others in school.

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1 New Beginnings- 1

2 LO – I know how to get along with others in school

3 When the world was finished there were buildings and people as well as all the animals. The children decided they were going to explore. They didnt want to be seen so they carefully ran from tree to tree, hiding as they went. They crept round a tree to have a closer look and they tripped over someone who seemed to be resting. He looked straight at them then turned over and continued doing nothing. I dont think he can see us, said the boy. They carefully went up to an old woman who was sitting in the sun and tapped her on the shoulder. She didnt even look round.

4 If they cant see us, we can investigate, said the girl. The children split up and went into the world. They listened to all the things that were going on. These are some of the things that they heard: I cant be bothered. I cant do it today, Leave it until tomorrow. Leave me alone, Im bored.

5 The girl ran over to the boy. She said, These people are so new that they dont know how to learn, do and be excited. Do you think we can help them learn and enjoy learning?

6 Roleplay

7 What would the world be like if nobody could be bothered to do anything?

8 What do you do when you are not in the mood to do your work?

9 What can you do to encourage other people to do things when they are not in the mood?

10 New Beginnings- 2

11 LO – I have ways of dealing with uncomfortable feelings. I can understand others feelings.

12 How did you feel about beginning the term in a new class?

13 What things help you to feel better?

14 How can you help yourself to calm down when you feel tense or nervous?

15 Calming Music

16 Saying positive things to yourself

17 Whats the worst that could happen?

18 Thinking about the end result.

19 New Beginnings- 3

20 LO – I can make someone feel welcome

21 A new girl is going to start in your class. She has asked you to explain to your class that she has difficulty speaking sometimes – she has a stammer. In her last school she was bullied because of this. How are you going to make her feel welcome?

22 New Beginnings- 4

23 LO – I can consider the positive and negative aspects of our school.

24 Imagine you are going to open a brand new school. You are the head teacher. What things would you take from Sandown to use in your new school?

25 What values would you take from Sandown to your new school?

26 What do you think are the very positive aspects of Sandown?

27 What aspects of Sandown do you think need improving?

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