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Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets 2005 1 GridSphere Status Update Jason Novotny Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Jason Novotny,

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1 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets GridSphere Status Update Jason Novotny Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Jason Novotny, Michael Russell, Oliver Wehrens The GridSphere Project

2 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets GridSphere Status Who we are ;-) What have we done What are we doing now Where we are going

3 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets The GridSphere Project The primary goal of the GridSphere Project is to develop a Grid portal framework that we call GridSphere. GridSphere is a JSR-168 compliant portlet container that offers a set of core portlets that provide the base functionality we think is required for all Web portals. GridSphere also provides a framework for developing and packaging portlets as well as additional libraries to make portlet development easier

4 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets The GridSphere Portal Overall goal to build the best open source standards compliant portal designed to meet the needs of the Grid community Originally funded by the EU GridLab project spanning 3 years since 2002 Bringing together best of breed technologies in both web and grid technologies Building a community of users and developers and continuing to add new exciting scenarios

5 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets

6 Jason Novotny GridSphere 2.0 Feature List Portlet API passed Sun TCK and is 100% JSR 168 compliant Additional Portlet API implementation nearly fully compatible with IBM's WebSphere 4.2. Support for the easy development and integration of new portlet applications Higher-level model for building complex portlets using visual beans and the GridSphere User Interface (UI) tag library. Flexible XML based portal presentation description can be easily modified to create customized portal layouts. Built-in support for Role Based Access Control (RBAC) separating users into guests, users, admins and super users. Sophisticated portlet service model that allows for creation and reusability of new business logic with support for persistence of data

7 Jason Novotny GridSphere 2.0 Feature List... Persistence of data provided using Hibernate OQL for database support Integrated Junit/Cactus unit tests for complete server side testing of portlet services including the generation of test reports. GridSphere core portlets: Login, Logout, Locale settings Profile personalization and Layout customization Administration portlets for creation of users, groups, portlet management and portal layout customization Localization support in the Portlet API implementation and portlets support French, English, German, Czech, Polish, Hungarian and Italian. And now Arabic and Chinese Open-source and 100% free! :-)

8 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets GridSpheres Grid Portlets The GridSphere portlet container is designed to be web application independent. Indeed, one of the key advantages of the Portlet API is the reuse of web applications. Thus, the GridSphere portlet container does not contain any support for using Grid technologies. Instead, GridSpheres Grid related functionality is contained in a web application we call Grid Portlets. Grid Portlets, together with the GridSphere portlet container, offers a generic Grid portal and can be used to develop application-specific Grid portal applications.

9 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets How it all started…. Think back to 2002… Early Grid Portal projects: Grid Portal Development Kit, HotPage, Astrophysics Simulation Collaboratory GPDK and HotPage received significant attention as early interfaces to the Grid Introducing Web Portals and portlet concept Jetspeed 1 early portal demonstrating power and concept of portlets Commercial application vendors providing in-house portlet-like solutions No real standards and landscape was quickly evolving….

10 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets A few key milestones Spring 2002: Completed design document and analysis of existing portal / grid solutions August 2002: Wrote the first line of code December 2002: Functional portal prototype using Portlet API borrowed from WebSphere API 2003: GridSphere evolves into highly functional portal complete with core set of portlets, sophisticated service model and visual tag library August 2003: !st Portals & Portlets Workshop UK January 2004: JSR 168 Portlet API implementation February 2004: GS appears in IBM developerWorks article March 2004: GS passes Sun Technology Compatibility Kit November 2004: OGCE is JSR compliant and can be dropped into GridSphere portal demonstrating true interoperability!

11 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets Progression of Code

12 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets Where are we at? A primary goal has been to engage global community GGF hosted GridSphere tutorials Oct Upcoming UK workshop March 3/4 Thousands of downloads all over the world since March % commercial / 20% academic Adopt standard / open source engineering practices Mail lists (over 165 users subscribed) CVS Bug tracker GridSphere in maintenance mode New features continuing to be added as needs/requests arise

13 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets Download Statistics

14 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets Ongoing Collaborations Cactus portal at Albert Einstein Institute Interface to Cactus numerical relativity application / provide physicists with interface for launching jobs & viewing results Grid Portal at Canadian National Research Council Provide controlled remote access to NMR spectroscopy instruments GEON earth sciences portal / CHRONOS portal Manage/visualize/analyze vast amount of geoscience data and large scale databases Pgrade portal at SZTAKI Hungary & Univ. Westminster UK Creation, execution and monitoring of complex workflows Many, many more…

15 Jason Novotny GridSphere / Portlets Future Looks Bright GridSphere adopted by countless academic and commercial projects Seeking collaborations & funding to continue to apply our knowledge in portals and grid technologies GS supported under D-Grid (German Grid) initiative GS adopted under HPC Europa project Continue to focus on standards /emerging technologies WSRP integration planned for March at UK workshop JSF already supported (one of the first to do so) Content management and repository standards JSR 170 / Jakarta Slide Business Process Management (Grid?) Focus on sharing solutions Delivering truly usable end-user environments!

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