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Exploring the skills signposted within the Experiences and Outcomes.

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1 Exploring the skills signposted within the Experiences and Outcomes

2 Es and Os are part of the Broad General Education (ages 3-15) Experiences and outcomes From the ages of 15-18 – young people are entitled to an effective senior phase where they have the opportunity to develop a portfolio of achievements.

3 Early (0) refers to the pre-school years and P1 First (1) refers to the end of P4 Second (2) refers to the end of P7 Third (3) refers to S1 to S3 Fourth (4) refers to S1 to S3 Note: these school years are to be used as rough guides. Experiences and outcomes: Levels

4 Experiences and outcomes: Curriculum Areas Expressive Arts Health and Wellbeing Languages Mathematics Religious and Moral Education Sciences Social Studies Technologies These are the eight curriculum areas:

5 Experiences and outcomes Here is a snapshot of the Health and Wellbeing document. Note the five levels of the document: Early, First, Second, Third and Fourth.

6 Experiences and outcomes Notice there is a code attached to each statement. In this case, the code is HWB 3-19a. HWB indicates the code belongs to the Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes. The 3 refers to the Level (Third). 19a refers to the particular statement.

7 Key ideas to consider The learning for each context (knowledge and skills) should be identified from the Experiences and Outcomes There are many skills signposted within the Experiences and Outcomes outcomes/index.asp outcomes/index.asp

8 How practitioners group the Es and Os will also support the development of skills To ensure manageability, consistency and progression a clear focus on a small number of skills is recommended Due to the complex nature of skills development other skills will inevitably feature during the planned learning Key ideas to consider

9 Having explored the ways journeys are made, I can consider the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of transport, discussing their impact on the environment. SOC 2-09a Analysing Evaluating Research Literacy Communication Working with others ….

10 Through contributing my views, time and talents, I play a part in bringing about positive change in my wider community. HWB 0-13a – 4-13a Communication - Literacy Problem solving Thinking skills: Analysing, evaluating, creating Numeracy

11 I can access, retrieve and use information from electronic sources to support enrich or extend learning in specific contexts TCH 1-03b Analysing and applying

12 Having gained knowledge of colour theory, I can apply it to a food or textile item or when using computer aided design/computer aided manufacture TCH 4-11d Knowledge, understanding, application

13 When participating in a collaborative enterprise activity, I can develop administrative and entrepreneurial skills which contribute to the success of the activity. TCH 3-07a Working with others Time management Planning and organising……. Creativity Communication Presentation …

14 Having reflected on my personal experiences, including participation and engagement with professionals, I can listen to a wide range of music and identify and analyse technical aspects, make informed judgments and express personal opinions on my own and others' work. EXA 4-19a Literacy Communication Analyse Evaluate Working with others

15 I am aware of and able to express my feelings and am developing the ability to talk about them. HWB 0-01a / HWB 1-01a / HWB 2-01a / HWB 3- 01a / HWB 4-01a Literacy – communication Working with others

16 I can respond in ways appropriate to my role and use contributions to reflect on, clarify or adapt thinking. LIT 3-02a Working with others Listening Communicating Analysing Evaluating Reflection

17 Case Study Split group into half While watching the video-clipvideo-clip Identify relevant curricular areas Identify skills explored

18 Case Study continued….. Now come together as a group again and share ideas from the film clip. Using the large 2 nd level Es and Os sheets highlight the relevant Es and Os. Now consider, no more than 5, KEY Es and Os.


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