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Who governs China ? Perth High School Confucius Classroom Introductory Presentation 3.

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1 Who governs China ? Perth High School Confucius Classroom Introductory Presentation 3

2 Chinese Government For many centuries China was an empire, ruled by a succession of emperors. From 1911 it became a republic ruled by a party called the Kuomintang. Since 1949 it has been a socialist country, governed by the Communist Party.

3 The Communist Revolution The Chinese Revolution was led by Mao Zedong ( ) Under his control, the Communist Party took control of China on October 1st,1949. He and his associates established the state and party systems which exist today.

4 Who Governs China? Since the Revolution, China has been a one-party state This does NOT imply that government is a simple or unchanging process The Communist Party of China (CPC) controls all layers of government The National Congress of the CPC meets every 5 years to appoint all senior officials and set major policy. The 17th Congress took place in October 2007.

5 Layers of Government Communist Party of China Central government Local government - province/city, county, etc Think-tanks, advisers Civil society: business, Non- governmental organisations (NGOs)

6 Central Government The primary organs of power in the Communist Party (CCP) include: –The Politburo Standing Committee (7-9 people); –The Politburo (including the members of the Politburo Standing Committee) (22-26 people); –Central Committee (204 people) –The Secretariat (the main administrative mechanism of the CCP), headed by the General Secretary; –The Military Commission; –The Discipline Inspection Commission, (seeks to rooting out corruption and criminality among party cadres). –State Structure

7 Politburo Standing Committee Hu Jintao Wu Bangguo Wen Jiabao Jia Qinglin Li Changchun President Chair, Peoples Premier Chair, Peoples Propaganda Congress Consultative Conf. Chief Xi Jinping Le Keqiang He Guoqiang Zhou Yongkang Vice-President Executive Chair, Central Head, Political & Vice-President Discipline Commn Legislative Affairs Commn

8 The Central Government Executive: State Council –Premier –Vice-Premiers –22 Ministries Legislature: National People s Congress

9 The President President Hu Jintao is the 7th to hold office since the Revolution Born in 1942, he joined the Party in April 1964. Previously he was Vice- President to Jiang Zemin He is also General Secretary of the CPC (Communist Party of China)

10 The National Peoples Congress

11 Provincial & City Governments

12 Local Government in China There are 33 Provincial-level Governments: –22 Provinces –5 Autonomous Regions" –4 Cities (Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Tianjin) –2 Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong and Macao)

13 Local Government in China the layers of responsibility

14 The Party - State The Party controls China by: Giving broad policy direction - the Party line Ministers/local officials are party members Making appointments & promotions Maintaining media controls

15 The Party - State (part 2) The Party-state dominates: The centralised political system Policy making and it influences: –business –think-tanks –NGOs –international organisations –media

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