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Chapter 4 and 6 Foldable notes

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1 Chapter 4 and 6 Foldable notes

2 Solar Radiation

3 Greenhouse Effect

4 Layers of the Atmosphere

5 Ozone Layer

6 Smog

7 100% Solar Radiation 20% 50%

8 70% of the suns solar radiation is absorbed by Earth’s land, ocean, & atmosphere.
30% of the suns solar radiation is reflected by clouds, dust, air & land. Solar Radiation

9 Greenhouse gases radiate energy back to Earth’s surface.
Some radiation escapes back into space. NO2 CO2 CH4 H2O 100% of the solar radiation. Gases in the troposhere.

10 The warming of the Earth’s surface and troposphere from gases that trap heat.
The burning of fossil fuels adds CO2 Deforestation (removing trees) reduces the use of CO2 by decreasing photosynthesis. The warmer the Earth, the more gases it traps. Greenhouse effect

11 Greenhouse effect Major gases: (H2O) Water
(CO2) Carbon dioxide (from burning fossil fuels) (CH4) Methane (fossil fuels, livestock, landfills) (NO2) Nitrous oxide (fossil fuels, fertilizers) (O3) Ozone (CCl3F) CFCs (chlorofluorocarbon) Greenhouse effect

12 Satellites meteor O3 O3 Ozone layer O3 O3 O3 O3 CO2 CO2 H2O H2O

13 Layers of the Atmosphere
Exosphere – “outer space” Thermosphere – satellites are placed Mesosphere – meteors burn up Stratosphere – ozone layer, airplanes fly Troposhere– all weather occurs, almost all H2O and CO2 in the atmosphere Layers of the Atmosphere


15 Ozone is O3 Absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. (Earth’s sunscreen!) Has been damaged by humans use of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbon) CCl3F and exhaust compounds (from airplanes). CCl3F CCl2F + Cl UV radiation Naturally the ozone layer thins “the hole” in the Spring over the Antarctic. Ozone layer

16 land ocean Smog


18 Normal Conditions: Warm air near the Earth rises
Normal Conditions: Warm air near the Earth rises. (Air is heated from below as the sun warms the Earth’s surface.)

19 Inversion Conditions: Colder air is near the Earth, trapped under warm air. Caused when a warm front (air mass) moves over a cold front (air mass). Solar Radiation

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