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Common Sense Common Safety – Lord Youngs recommendations in practice.

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1 Common Sense Common Safety – Lord Youngs recommendations in practice

2 Common Sense, Common Safety Lord Youngs review was published in October 2010. The review investigated concerns over the application and perception of health and safety legislation, together with the rise of the compensation culture over the last decade. 19 of the reports recommendations fall to HSE to deliver. Government have made clear that they support the report and will implement it's recommendations.

3 Transforming the role of regulation A different approach to thinking about regulation A new decision-making structure –The One-in, One-out rule –The Reducing Regulation Committee

4 Response to Lord Youngs review Accreditation scheme (OSHCR) Consultation on RIDDOR Consolidation and simplification Online risk assessment tools for low risk workplaces

5 Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) Recommendation: amend RIDDOR by extending to seven days the period before an injury or accident needs to be reported Re-examine the operation of RIDDOR to determine whether this is the best approach Consultation launched – 31 January 2011

6 Consolidation of Regulations Lord Young recommended the consolidation of existing health and safety regulations. Currently considering the best way to deliver this. Consolidation or guidance? How long did it take you to learn what the law required?

7 Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) Lord Youngs report made a specific recommendation for consultants to be accredited Establish a web based directory of accredited health and safety consultants

8 On line risk assessment tools Produce an assessment tailored to the low risk business by allowing them to select relevant hazards and think about how they are controlled Tools for low risk shops offices and classrooms went out to consultation at the end of 2010 Online video demonstrations of best practice

9 Other recommendations Combine food safety and health & safety inspectors in local authorities. Undertake a consultation with the intention of having an improved system with an enhanced role for the HSE in place for large multi-site retail businesses. DCLG leading on insurance industry and local authority recommendations.

10 Moving forward Common Sense Common Safety and HSEs strategy Health and Safety of Great Britain\\ Be part of the solution

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