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2 How The Constitution Is Set Up
The Constitution is divided into: Articles Sections Clauses Amendments

3 Article 1: Legislative Branch

4 Article 2: Executive Branch

5 Article 3: The Judicial Branch

6 Article 4: Relations Among States

7 Article 5: Provisions For Amendments

8 Article 6: Public Debts, Supremacy of National Law, Oath of Office

9 Article 7: Ratification

10 Amending the Constitution
There Are 2 Ways To Perceive Amendments To The Constitution Formal Informal There is only one Amendment that cannot be made. No Amendment Can Deprive A State of Equal Representation in the Senate.

11 Formal Amendments Formal means to add written words to the constitution. Method 1: 2/3rds vote in each House and Ratified by 3/4ths of State Legislatures (38 States). 26 of 27 have been made this way. Method 2: Proposed by Congress and Ratified by 3/4ths state conventions. 21st Amendment was done this way. Method 3: Proposed by National Convention called by congress at 2/3rds States request and ratified by 3/4ths of the State Legislatures. Method 4: Proposed and ratified by national convention in 3/4ths of the states.

12 Informal Amendments Informal Amendments – Changes in the constitution that does not involve any changes in the written words. Passage of basic legislation by congress Actions taken by the President – Executive Agreements Decisions by the Supreme Court – Marbury vs. Madison Activities of Political Parties – Nomination of President by Convention Customs – Vice- President becomes President

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