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PROSECUTING HONOUR BASED VIOLENCE The need for a multi-agency approach 11 th June 2009.

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1 PROSECUTING HONOUR BASED VIOLENCE The need for a multi-agency approach 11 th June 2009

2 THE CONTEXT CPS/Police National Conference DV Project/Violence against Women strategy UK response/statutory agencies International response

3 NOTABLE FACTS One in 10 young Asians said that they could justify the murder of someone who had supposedly dishonoured their family (BBC Survey September 2006). ACPO estimate that the incidents of HBV and FM are 35 times those reported – at least 17,000 attacks a year More than a dozen women are killed every year in this country in the name of honour but they are only part of thousands that are killed for the same reasons across the world. Murdered because: She wanted to learn to drive She wanted to leave her husband who had beaten her She wanted to report child abuse by a relative Her brothers friend had an innocent picture of her on his mobile phone She was the victim of rape

4 THE REALITY Murder is but the tip of the iceberg when we consider the number of women that commit suicide, the number of sexual offences, abductions, assaults, false imprisonments, and forced marriages that are carried out in the name of honour Suicide and self harm – hidden victims? Missing children in education

5 SOME CASES Samaira Nazir –The investigation and prosecution/witness care –The consequences/impact Alisha Begum –The prosecution –International co-operation Sajhda Bibi –International co-operation Dosanjh –The plan –The investigation/prosecution Benaz Mahmod -Organised execution? Surjit Athwal -No body doesnt mean no prosecution -Playing the long game

6 SOME CASES Arash Ghorbani-Zarin –The hitman –The sentence Iraqi Case –The need for community intervention B – the Egyptian case –A link with radicalism/extremism? HAMPSHIRE MARITAL RAPE – special measures for victims West Yorkshire DVCV 2004 prosecution

7 WHAT ARE WE DOING? Prosecuting with the full force of the law those that harm others in the name of honour Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Act 2004 Multi-Agency approaches to prevention – missing children Dialogue with communities especially children The need for a centre of excellence to build capacity amongst NGOs and Statutory Agencies

8 DIFFICULTIES WE HAVE EXPERIENCED Lack of support/co-operation for prosecution Lack of knowledge, experience of investigators and prosecutors Shortage of experts Community priorities

9 ADDRESSING DIFFICULTIES Continuing to raise public awareness Training of prosecutors and investigators on issues over and above domestic violence – Flagging of cases, using all investigative tools, robust prosecutions – the CPS project Increasing the cadre of experts Better witness/victim care Multi-agency training to address knowledge gaps

10 WORKING WITH THE COMMUNITY Acknowledging that the silent majority ignores violence against women Supporting those involved in the protection of women from violence Challenging and confronting views which may not be openly expressed

11 Nazir Afzal OBE Director CPS London West Tel: 020 8901 5906 Fax: 020 8901 5911 Email:

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