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Stakeholder workshop 3 February 2006 EU Review – UK Response.

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1 Stakeholder workshop 3 February 2006 EU Review – UK Response

2 Introductions Key themes Stakeholder responses & questions Next steps

3 UK response - intro Government-Ofcom paper (DTI lead) Published by 10 February Wider stakeholder meeting early March Communication expected July

4 Consistency Lisbon ICT agenda Infosecurity agenda – communication expected Spring 2006 E-Commerce Directive – due for review in 2007 Data Protection Directive – review due Data Retention Directive Television Without Frontiers Directive – currently under review Fiscal policies, e.g. E-money and payments Directives Premium Rate Services agenda – note workshop on 2/2/06 Spam Agenda – Communication expected Spring 2006

5 Scope About right but watch interdependencies (previous slide) Question need for a separate privacy Directive for ecomms. Lessons learned from Ofcoms SRT Objectives still valid and should not be prioritised Future Proof/tech neutral increasingly important

6 Single market issues Effective implementation essential (& enforcement) Harmonisation –OK for genuine x-border services, e.g. VOIP, large business products –Do not support harmonisation of remedies – national discretion important ERG best placed to achieve proportionate harmonisation

7 Spectrum management Support use of market mechanisms in principle Trading should be encouraged No explicit support of mandated bands for trading Agnostic that bands need to be held back for pan- European services Recognise exceptions, e.g. broadcasting, radio astronomy & satellite.

8 Competition & Access NGNs: regulatory holidays are not necessary and dont work Oligopolies Coherent regulation across value chain

9 Consumers Voice USO – right time to have a voice USO rather than fixed or mobile? Broadband USO – debate needed on scenarios Disabled users – terminal equipment and equivalent services

10 Privacy & Security Telephony aspects ok (TPS & FPS) Consent rules are data protection issue Note Spam Communication Network resilience as we move to IP Bad internet traffic – link with e-Commerce Directive

11 Institutional aspects Spectrum management working well Transparency - ERG, Commission, Process

12 Other issues No need for list of standards for interoperability Special provisions for leased lines no longer needed Fining powers – scope to increase R&TTE – definitions

13 Relevant markets Any revision should be based on better regulation principles E.g. scope for merging or grouping inter-related markets

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