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1time Airline Low Cost Domestic Airline of South Africa.

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1 1time Airline Low Cost Domestic Airline of South Africa

2  1 t ime is the fastest growing domestic low cost airline in South Africa  Operates on all major routes of South Africa like Johannesburg, Cape Town, George, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Livingstone (Zambia)

3 No International Airline Restriction Tickets on 1 t ime can be purchased in conjunction with any International Airline operating out of India such as Emirates Gulf Air Jet Airways Korean Air Air Mauritius etc……

4 Cost Saving You can reduce the cost of the air travel as follows: Book main ticket from India as follows: India – CPT(arrive into Cape Town) -- surface sector-- JNB – India(depart from Johannesburg) Book separate ticket as follows: CPT – JNB(this can be done on 1 t ime airline) You can also book GRJ/JNB in case your passengers are doing the Garden Route. Hence you will now have a)India – Cape TownInternational tickets on EK, KQ, EY, GF, 9W, MK…… Johannesburg – India b)Cape Town / George – Johannesburg On 1 t ime Airline

5 Advantages 1)Reduction in Air ticket cost because (a)CPT / JNB are commonly rated hence no increase of cost (b)Only one domestic South Africa sector required. (Otherwise you would need 2 domestic South Africa sectors ie JNB-CPT-JNB) 2)No back tracking 3)Less trouble to passengers as more direct flights

6 Problems getting seats between George - Johannesburg 1 t ime operates daily flight between Johannesburg – George George – Johannesburg Fare starts from Rs. 3,900 one way including all taxes ---------- NO MORE WORRIES ----------

7 Additional benefits for Indian Travellers Additional baggage allowance Upto 30 kg. – same as per international ticket (regular: is 20 kg. to all pax) Passenger Protection In case incoming flight is delayed and passenger misses 1 t ime flight, he is automatically transferred to next 1 t ime flight – subject to seat availability. (regular: pax is reported No Show & ticket is wasted) Time Limit You can book seats on time limit for 24 hrs. This given you enough time to collect payment from pax or confirm hotels etc. (regular: no time limit given) Contd…2

8 INR Payment All payment to be made in INR to 1 t ime office in Mumbai. No use of credit card are required. (regular: credit card is a must) Charges Name / Date / Sector change is allowed with a normal fee. Additional benefits for Indian Travellers

9 Booking 1 t ime office at Mumbai All these additional benefits are only applicable when tickets are book through 1 t ime office in Mumbai – Reason being these benefits are for Indian travellers only. Internet Booking on internet are possible but these benefits can not be claimed because internet is open worldwide.

10 Contact Details 1 t ime Airline GRIFFON, 4 Cusrow Baug, Colaba, Mumbai 400001. Telephone : (022) 2284 0443 Email : Website :

11 Thank You

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