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A story of transition PGCE to M.Ed

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1 A story of transition PGCE to M.Ed
Rachel Lofthouse Newcastle University

2 Out with the old … Traditional PGCE with 190 students in 7 subject areas. Curriculum and professional studies. 4 x 4000 word assignments. School and university programme linked by theme-related tasks. Diagnostic and long (assessed) teaching placements.

3 If it ain’t broke … … don’t fix it
“One of the best PGCE courses in the country” (Ext. examiner report, 2005). High recruitment and employability rates. Positive student feedback and school reviews. Well-rehearsed model. What is the significance of the new H / M level designations? Why are you / might you change to M. level? How important is student choice, and when should it come? … don’t fix it

4 In with the new … PGCE course of 60 credits at M.level.
Pathway to established M.Ed Practitioner Route. Heightened profile of research. Reflective practice central. University and school programmes underpinned by integrated process linked to common assignments.

5 Role of research Research-based? Research-led? Research-informed?
Research-driven? Action Research? Systematic enquiry? Researched itself? What do they really mean? Does it matter what the role of research is? How does this sit with QTS standards, and school experiences?

6 Teacher-educators’ professional learning
Critical engagement with process of learning to teach Assumptions challenged We know we know … We don’t know we know … We know we don’t know … We don’t know we don’t know … Confident uncertainty Tripping over critical incidents Integration (and frustration) with other programmes Opportunities for research Limited comfort zone

7 Kolb’s Cycle Concrete experience
Tutors immersed (even if students are resistant!) Testing in a new situation Observation and reflection Forming abstract concepts

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