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Scottish Studies Forfar Academy Ceitidh Smith.

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1 Scottish Studies Forfar Academy Ceitidh Smith

2 A bit about my school… A bit about me… 1000 pupil comprehensive school
Wide catchment area A bit about me… NQT Gaelic teacher Former political researcher History geek Dancer Singer, piper and mediocre pianist Degree in Scottish and Celtic Studies Glutton for punishment

3 How and why we are delivering N5 Scottish Studies
4 periods a week Group of S6 students who have their entry requirements for uni Chance for an additional qualification Very little teaching involved Promoting independent study skills to prepare pupils for university or college – deadlines, weekly targets, reflection on work. Encouraging students to follow their own interests within a Scottish context Delivered by me with input and support from relevant departments in the school depending on different units selected.

4 Scotland in Focus unit: approach
Open topic Open media of presentation – some very ambitious Brain storming and mind mapping Justifying choice and aims Folio / evidence based approach Workbooks

5 Scotland in Focus: activities
Pupil 1 The Scottish witch hunts and how they affected the lives of ordinary people Play Pupil 2 Researching the reports of paranormal activity Edinburgh castle and the history behind the stories Historically researched creative writing Pupil 3 Analysing football rivalry in Glasgow and the north-east and assessing how far is it due to sectarianism Film Pupil 4 Alexander McQueen and his impact on global fashion Presentation Pupil 5 The ghost stories of Glamis castle and their historical truth Historically researched creative writing Pupil 6 The theories of metaphysics during the Scottish Enlightenment and the impact it had on religious practice in Scotland Essay

6 Scotland in Focus: evidence
Checklist More evidence than is needed Keeping with aims for the course and unit with pupils of this stage Introduction: why Scottish studies Mind map Synthesis of questions Question, aims and justification Research notes, pictures etc Final piece of work and appendices Bibliography and resources Reflection on topic as a whole and what you learned

7 Issues Overall there are not that many issues in delivering the qualification UCAS form Applying for approval Not being able deliver the full range of units Future issues Probably more likely to deliver as a Higher with S6 students

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