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A Level History Coursework

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1 A Level History Coursework

2 What is it? All candidates must undertake a piece of coursework of approximately 3500 words in length. (There are penalties for going over this) This constitutes 20% of the overall A-level mark. It is internally marked and externally moderated. The chosen investigation must: 1. Arise from, and be placed in the context of, 100 years 2. Be based upon a country or period different from that chosen for Unit 3 3. Must not have substantial overlap with the material offered in Units 1 and 2 or 3

3 Additional Information The enquiry must demonstrate some awareness of historiography The enquiry must be based on a range of sources (either primary or secondary or both) The enquiry must be accompanied by a bibliography and an evaluation of approximately 500 words providing a critical evaluation of the sources used. This evaluation should include a brief bibliography.

4 Coursework Questions There are two important considerations: the question must make reference to the full 100 years context the question should enable candidates to demonstrate high level conceptual, analytical and evaluative skills. Questions stems such as ‘to what extent’ or ‘how far’ are to be encouraged. Centres can either give students complete free reign over the choice of question or get a single question approved for the group and teach a context to that question.

5 DTC’s Coursework Question "Within the context of the period 1700-1800, which factors best explain why Revolution broke out in France in 1789?"

6 Time Targets We aim to complete the coursework by Autumn half term

7 Introductory Teaching The Introductory teaching will: Provide students with an overview at the outset, comparing the beginning of the chosen period with the end and looking at aspects of continuity and change. Ensure students are aware of the themes, issues and debates contained within this 100- year period of History Build up a timeline/chart/graph, or mixtures of all three, highlighting the main features of the 100-year period. Introduce students to basic and more specialised texts appropriate to the field of study Ensure students have the correct vocabulary and conceptual understanding to be able to pursue an enquiry in the chosen area

8 The Individual Research Period Candidates will spend a further 10 weeks undertaking personal research and writing their Historical Enquiry. During this time, the teacher will be able to guide, advise and supervise candidates but the final piece of work must be that of the individual Candidates should consider a range of sources and should select, organise and analyse the information in the light of the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired during the introductory teaching period Candidates should produce an essay of approximately 3500 words which provides a convincing answer to the chosen question, conveys judgement and reaches a conclusion In addition, a bibliography (which would be expected to contain 4–6 substantial sources) and a 500-word critical evaluation of the sources used, is required.

9 Further Guidance From AQA 2040-W-TRB-CG.PDF 2040-W-TRB-CG.PDF

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