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Incredible Years Programmes in Powys

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1 Incredible Years Programmes in Powys
Dr. Sue Evans, Consultant Child Psychologist, Powys tHB Mrs. Shelley Davies, Strategic Partnership Manger Mrs. Patricia Hughes Services, Team Leader, Barnardo’s

2 Aims of the Presentation
Where are we at with IY and what’s new in Powys? The role of Barnardo’s New Strategic developments

3 Talk about the development of all of the programmes in Powys

4 Overview of School based Programmes in Powys
A mentor in the School Based programme Four psychologists and seven teachers trained to deliver TCM Over one third of schools in Powys have one or more teachers trained in the IY Teacher Programme and Classroom Dina Strategic plan for further roll out (vision is to establish in all schools across the Foundation Phase) Positive evaluation in inspection reports Therapeutic Dina established in schools in areas of high need 4

5 Overview of School based Programmes in Powys
Community Advisory Teacher for early years and the foundation phase to coordinate role out of IY teacher and child programmes 5

6 Overview of IY Parent Programmes in Powys
Regular cycle of Toddler programmes School age programme developed across the county Regular basic groups (including new basic) More than 20 groups in 2009 Pilot group for parents of young children with learning difficulties

7 Home visiting coaching
School Readiness 3 pilot groups Autumn 2009 Well evaluated 2 groups in Flying Start areas Further groups planned for Summer 2010 Universal programme facilitates recruitment to more extended groups In- county training planned to facilitate further roll out Home visiting coaching For parents who need additional support whilst attending groups or who are unable to attend a group Piloted training in Powys

8 Outcomes Programmes delivered with fidelity, outcomes similar to research findings Reduce family breakdown Reduce numbers of children entering the care system Reduce mental health problems Reduce school exclusions Promote social, emotional, and academic competence in children Prevent early onset emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.

9 How is it delivered? A Commissioned Service
Partnership planning, delivery and performance management Central Co-ordination (Barnardo’s) Regular Peer Support and Supervision (IY Mentor) A Network of Facilitators A Co-ordinated workforce training programme

10 Advantages of this approach
Able to ensure programme fidelity Multi Agency Workforce Development Added value A sustainable model Shared Responsibility and Accountability Equitable geographical delivery

11 Evidence of positive impact
Between 2006 and parents were referred to the IY programme with 678 parents completing the course. Parents report and demonstrate feeling; Supported Included More confident Eyberg Assessment show a reduction in both frequency and intensity of problems GHQ Assessment shows an improvement in parental Mental Health

12 The Incredible Years Vision in Powys

13 Key Drivers Early Intervention and Prevention
Improving Outcomes for Children and Families Integration of Services and partnership working Workforce Development Invest to Save

14 The vision To use the Incredible Years programme as a common model for promoting positive behaviour/managing behaviour across all agencies so that is that children receive consistent messages whether they are in school, in childcare or at home. To develop a well supported and co-ordinated approach to implementing the range of Incredible Years programmes across the County To create an Incredible Years trained workforce To have all schools delivering the I Y programme to children in the Foundation Phase. To utilise the Incredible Years Principles to develop a whole school approach to managing behaviour.

15 Reinforcing the Incredible Years Message School – Foundation Phase
1:1 services in the home CHILD Childcare Parents

16 Parenting Support offered 1:1 in the home by;
Early Intervention Service Staff Health visitors Social Workers Incredible Years Programmes in schools co-ordinated by Community Advisory Teachers delivered by teaching staff, Education Psychologists Childcare Staff (initially in Flying Start areas) trained to model Incredible Years practice. Parent Programmes co-ordinated by Barnardos and delivered by a range of staff from different agencies incl teachers

17 A Co-ordinated Parenting Support Pathway
Tier 1 Bumps & Babes, Parent & Toddler groups, LAP/NAP, Bibsgroups Midwives, Health Visitors, LAP/NAP, E.I.S Staff, P & T staff Informal Parenting Advice & Support Incredible Years Programmes & Practice Childcare Settings, Schools, E.I.S, Health visitors Modelling Good Practice Parenting Link Support Groups (x 6) Stepping Stones Courses Delivered by a range of agencies Introductory Courses/Modules Genesis Services – confidence building, Basic Skills Support for eligible parents Tier 2 & 3 Incredible Years Courses -Toddler Programme -Infant Programme -School Readiness Intensive Courses

18 Next Steps… Establish the Community Advisory Teacher Role
Establish an Incredible Years Workforce Development Plan to increase capacity and ensure consistency of approach across County Develop and implement a marketing strategy Develop parentlink groups as pre and post parent programme support

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