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Glaucoma Services Northern Ireland.

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1 Glaucoma Services Northern Ireland

2 NICE Glaucoma Diagnosis and management of chronic open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension

3 Introduction

4 Estimated 25 - 40% outpatient visits are glaucoma related
The glaucoma problem Estimated % outpatient visits are glaucoma related Massive rising demand dictates that low complexity work be shifted into the community where it is more feasible

5 Diagnosis, OHT, Suspect, COAG

6 Service Provision

7 Recommendation

8 The platform

9 AOP, ABDO, FODO Strongly advised to refer all patients with IOP > 21 mmHg, regardless of instrument

10 False Negative

11 Current Provision 2 glaucoma clinics per week in Belfast
Hospital shared care, optom & 2 nurse specialists Less than half visual field capacity One imaging device Reviews often one year behind

12 Current Equipment Expensive imaging requiring trained personnel
Inability to purchase equipment Not used appropriately as system too stressed

13 Interventional Provision
At least 2 surgical glaucoma cases per week Require 4 – 25 consults in 1st month Consultant intensive

14 Notes, records, reviews, RVH
No notes 90 % notes chronologically inaccurate Abysmal

15 Shared Care Team required
Large numbers patients seen by glaucoma capable personnel Access to consultant Appropriate visual fields and imaging immediately available Glaucoma lifelong

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