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The HSC Business Services Organisation Swine Flu Preparedness PPE Procurement & Logistics Teresa Molloy – BSO Director of Operations.

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1 the HSC Business Services Organisation Swine Flu Preparedness PPE Procurement & Logistics Teresa Molloy – BSO Director of Operations

2 the Strand 1 – Procurement (PPE only) Strand 2 – Warehousing & Distribution (Vaccines consumables, PPE and general stock) Strand 3 – Co-ordination of Trust PPE demands Strand 4 – Business continuity/workforce contingency Workstream 8 - Scope

3 the Procurement - Sam Blackley & Liz Mason Warehousing & Distribution - Nigel Reynolds, Eddie McSorley, Glen Shilliday, Louise Payne Co-ordination with Trusts - Peter Wilson Business continuity/HR planning - Liz Mason, Nigel Reynolds PPE Modelling - Lourda Geoghegan Liaison with DoH - David Robinson Workstream 8 - Team

4 the Strand 1 - Procurement – Identification of PPE shortfall & procurement – Management of stockpile replenishment – Management of general increased needs for stock (secondary care) Strand 2 – Warehousing & distribution – Management of stockpiles of consumables – Marshalling and distribution of PPE for surge – Marshalling and distribution of vaccination consumables Strand 3 – Visibility of all Trust PPE stockpiles & procurement action – Avoidance of duplication of procurements – Co-ordination of procurement of significant/common needs Workstream 8 - Scope

5 the Modelling of Requirements for PPE across all sectors completed Shortfalls assessed Business case prepared – Urgent Top up procurements in planning – Options for replenishment provided Update – Strand 1

6 the PPE Standard spec: Fluid repellent surgical face mask, apron, gloves PPE High Spec: FFP3 respirator mask, eye protection, fluid repellent gown & gloves Vaccination: Syringes/needles Others: Disinfectant, antibiotic & oxygen admin, hygiene consumables Range of Consumables

7 the Wave – 15 week duration Clinical Attack rate – 30% of population GP Review – 28.5% of symptomatic cases Attending A&E – 5% Hospital admission – 1% Critical care admission – 25% of cases Modelling of Stockpile Usage

8 the Review completed with each workstream Ws 3 - Secondary care (acute & community) Ws 4 - Primary care (GPs & Comm Pharm) Ws 5 - Independent sector Ws 9 - Vaccination programme Comprehensive model proposed Significant challenge to initial assumptions Modelling of Stockpile Usage

9 the Modelled consumption will be generally within the level of NI stockpile and predicted transfer of UK stocks Shortfall product being sourced and alternatives considered Business case to procure additional stocks Long lead times predicted for all product Current status – PPE

10 the PPE Business Case Options Top up shortfall products orRation scarce products Fully access stockpile orRetain strategic stockpile level Deplete stockpile orReplenish stockpile

11 the Information on content of UK stockpile Compatibility of product from UK to NI Monitoring Trust stockpile usage Sourcing/procuring shortfall product Agreeing level of replenishment for procurement action, post-surge Issues – Strand 1

12 the Ongoing management of NI stockpile Prioritising transfer of UK stockpile – Vaccination consumables – PPE (masks, eye protection, gloves, aprons) – Other consumables (antibiotic & oxygen admin) Short term storage secured (44,000 sqft) Shipping of product imminent Update – Strand 2

13 the Issued Stocks Initial issue to GPs (May 09) Push of stocks - Vaccination consumables (Matched to vaccines supply configuration) - Community Pharmacy PPE Pull of stocks For all sector demands before surge commences Update – Strand 2

14 the Triggering and approval mechanism – final agreement for all sectors required Storage solution if no/minimum consumption Delivery configurations at peak of surge Filtering of excess product into normal stock channels, post-surge Issues – Strand 2

15 the Storage of Stockpiles – prior approval for short term storage – Mid-October approval for long term storage – Usage and additional capacity under review PPE/vaccines consumables – procurement and distribution – Approval to top up shortfall & distribute PPE and vaccines consumables sought – Policy on replenishment of stockpiles under review Business Case Status

16 the Considerable preparation on Stockpiles Marshalling & distribution planning being finalised for each sector High levels of cover for predicted PPE needs Central co-ordination of PPE management Longer term planning for storage and replenishment now under review Summary

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