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The Passenger Transport Unit Welcome to: Taxi Forum 13 th May 2009.

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1 The Passenger Transport Unit Welcome to: Taxi Forum 13 th May 2009

2 Taxi Forum Introductions Mark Watters (Chair) Team Leader – Service Review & Development Dave Smith Team Leader – Quality Team Peter Haines Quality Officer – Quality Team Sue Lewin Contract Manager – Contracts Team

3 Taxi Forum Agenda Housekeeping – please turn mobiles off, no fire drills expected Review of the year CRB/ISA Customer Care Case Study Training and Compliance update Managing Challenging Behaviour Efficiency/Savings Challenges E-tendering & EU regulations Customer First Project Commissioning & Procurement strategy Consultation Working Group nominations Questions and Answers session

4 Taxi Forum Review of 2008/09 CRB issues – continuing problems on turnaround Invoicing by email – pilot successful. Now available to all LCC Training courses now established: Helping Hands, Autism Awareness, Epilepsy awareness etc. Start of pilot email tendering scheme Improvement of info available on SEN students (new Parent Registration form & LCC risk assessments) Introduction of Taxi Newsletter - December 2008 Snow in February – clarification on invoicing Efficiency targets met but getting tougher

5 Taxi Forum CRB Checks/ISA Scheme In accordance with Small Vehicle Contract Conditions, Taxi suppliers must provide details of ALL drivers and escorts to LCC – including any changes Spot checks will continue and severe penalties imposed for drivers and escorts who have not been notified to LCC ISA starts in October 2009 in respect of information about suspect individuals - needs to be sent to ISA – individuals may be barred by ISA even though the register is not fully operational. Barred individuals will not be able to undertake regulated activities. The registration of new employees in regulated activities commences in July 2010 Existing employees with CRB checks required to seek ISA registration from the third anniversary of their CRB – after July 2010 For latest info on CRB & ISA see:

6 Taxi Forum Customer Care Case Study A new contract is awarded Details are given to the contractor A meet and greet is arranged On the first day the child is taken to the wrong school and left What went wrong? How can we avoid this?

7 Taxi Forum Training and Compliance Update Basic training Helping Hand – well received Further courses are being arranged over the next few months at Birkett House in Wigston. Minimum standards of training are required by LCC as part of the contracts we have with you. We are now applying this standard. There are other training providers and exemptions can be given for those staff that have already had similar training (and can provide documentary evidence).

8 Taxi Forum Training and Compliance Update Escorted Contracts: 19 contractors with escorted contracts have not yet registered any escort They will not be asked to quote for new escorted contracts Existing contracts may not be extended E-mail tenders ask if escort registered

9 Taxi Forum Contracts Team update

10 Taxi Forum Managing Challenging Behaviour Fear of: Being unable to manage and losing the contract". Protect your contracts Protect your staff Protect other road users Protect the students

11 Taxi Forum Managing Challenging Behaviour What do we mean? Naughty Wont wear seatbelt Throwing things Biting, spitting, hitting out Language Running away Shouting out of windows

12 Taxi Forum Managing Challenging Behaviour Need to make it clear that reporting & asking for help is a strength not a weakness When to report/seek help Reduce the risk of injury or accident

13 Taxi Forum Managing Challenging Behaviour Where to get help! PTU School Parents There is no book with all the answers in.

14 Taxi Forum Efficiency/Savings Challenges Our targets are tough May get tougher (recent budget) Quality must be maintained Projects already in place: - E-tendering - Reviewing many more contracts and services - Fleet review Can you help? Any ideas? PTU savings targets 2009-12 Year09/1010/1111/12 Target£680k (3%) £710k (3%) £720k (3%)

15 Taxi Forum E-tendering (quoting by email) Pilot scheme summary: Some initial teething problems System seems to work well for both staff and Taxi companies More quotes and keener prices Now rolling out immediately for as many contracts as possible throughout the County and for all operators Also trying to get Social Workers to give us more notice To participate you must have an email address and tell us of any changes!

16 Taxi Forum E-tendering (quoting by email) Protocol for award on joint winning prices: Performance Service user known to company already Registered escorts Additional capacity Operators may also wish to review their pricing strategy and avoid rounding prices – remembering that email tendering is a bit like ebay in reverse! Try £9.99 instead of £10 etc. Taxi company staff must also be contactable in order to award the contract! If not quoting no need to reply to the tender email

17 Taxi Forum European Union (EU) Tender regulations We are moving towards compliance with EU regulations by early 2010. What does this mean? Likely that we will have to set up a Framework Agreement (similar to a Standing List) Framework will be closed during period of operation – likely to be 1 year. During this period no new firms can work for us Operators must tender to do business with us Then mini-competitions will be held for individual contracts – similar to current systems LCC will provide full details and support for operators through the process

18 Taxi Forum Customer First Project A comprehensive project that is introducing improvements for customer service at the Council Single contact points for phone, post & email for all services Mainstream home to school services migrate in June No direct effect to operators but note that our helpline (0116 305877) and email ( will now be answered by Customer Services staff You can still contact staff as you always have and continue to use existing email boxes for general queries and tendering

19 Taxi Forum Commissioning and Procurement Strategy Consultation The Council invites your views on the initial draft of the Strategy, including any suggested amendments Please send your feedback on the Strategy, or direct any requests for clarifications, to: –James Trotter, Senior Procurement Manager –Tel: 0116 3057310 – A Feedback Form is available The consultation deadline is 5pm on 26 th June 2009

20 Taxi Forum Working Group nominations Remit of the working group: – For both the Authority and taxi companies to gain an insight and understanding of the aspects of contract work that are important to them and work together to address any general issues that may arise – For LCC to pass on information on relevant policy or legislative changes, duty of care issues and general information affecting the taxi market – To discuss new ways of working and to work in partnership – To look at all aspects of LCC contract work for mutual benefit – To share the discussion with all in the market via the published minutes Please contact Mark Watters or a member of staff in the PTU with your nomination. We are looking for 1-2 people from approximately 10 companies to form the 2009/10 working group to meet 3 times between now and April 2010.

21 Taxi Forum Q & A Session

22 Taxi Forum Working group nominations and further information By phone: 0116 3058777 and ask for the Service Review & Development Team By email: In writing: Service Review & Development Team Passenger Transport Unit Dept of Highways, Transportation & Waste Management County Hall Glenfield Leicester LE3 8RJ Final note: Please remember to address invoices to: The Business Support Team

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