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The Sustainable Travel Group (STG) Welcome to: Bus Forum 4th July 2011.

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1 The Sustainable Travel Group (STG) Welcome to: Bus Forum 4th July 2011

2 Bus Forum Introductions Dave Smith Team Leader – Quality Team / Safer Travel Team Peter Haines Transport Officer – Quality Team / Safer Travel Team Simon Garratt Transport Officer – Quality Team / Safer Travel Team Mark Watters Team Leader – Business Development & Support Ashley Holland Team Leader – Contracts Team

3 Bus Forum Agenda Housekeeping – please turn mobiles off, no fire drills expected Invoicing E – Auctions Safer Travel Review Driver Training Contract Issues New Academic Year Monitoring Form CRB /driver registration Road closure notifications Working Group nominations Questions

4 eAuctions Phase 1 (AM event) 10 Contracts 24 operators competed 548 bids submitted Lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes Phase 2 (PM event) 10 Contracts 21 operators competed 464 bids submitted Lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes Results still being finalised but indications are that good savings have been made. Your feedback is welcome (at the end of the session).

5 Bus Forum Invoicing Please help us to help you! The following are the main problems with invoices: No Invoice number! Incorrectly addressed Wrong prices quoted Addition errors Wrong VAT amounts Not quoting Contract numbers No reference to dates of operation (or even which month) Not declaring journeys not operated/varied Handwritten is still acceptable but must be clear and hold all the details needed. No Payee details – note that our Audit requirements state that the payee should be the name of the contract holder e.g. Johns Coaches NOT Mr. J. Smith. We may have to enforce this in future.

6 Bus Forum

7 Invoicing Examples of bad invoices:

8 Bus Forum

9 Invoicing Template and instructions are on our website Reminder that contract payment terms are 30 days now. Please note that we also expect operators to bill in good time – very late invoices wont be paid (12+ months) Audits across all services (bus and taxi) – Contacting schools/parents/carers to confirm travel – Spot checks on site (also for quality compliance) – Returning incorrect invoices (thus delaying payment) If your contract changes – please tell us!

10 Bus Forum Invoicing Removal of email facility beginning from end of July i.e. August onwards invoices should be posted or hand delivered (receipts can be obtained). Why? Problems with emails not being received from companies meaning payment missed/delayed Document formats dont always open or print Increased workload and costs in STG Concerns on data protection i.e. personal details of clients being emailed by companies (mainly taxi)


12 Our role: ü Promote safe and responsible travel on the school bus. ü Support all school transport stakeholders. Operators & Drivers Schools & Teachers Pupils & Parents ü Regulate the operation of school transport along with conduct of pupils and drivers.

13 Promote Presentations in school assemblies. Age 5 – 16 to explain the rules and the consequences of not following them! Year 6 classroom sessions. Teaching the rules BEFORE school transport commences Driver training sessions. Tips on handling difficult situations. What is expected of them as school bus drivers. Creates a dialogue with your drivers and gives the opportunity for them to voice any concerns. We are human, you know!

14 Support Gateway checks Pass checking pupils Badge and signage checks Vehicle checks Ride-ons To give drivers support where they think they need it! Dont be afraid to ask! Observations Timing Student behaviour CCTV If youve got it, use it!

15 13,242 Students that travel on a school bus in Leicestershire each day. Bus bans issued within the 10/11 academic year. Permanent bans issued. 300 3 = = = Regulate The statistics!

16 Any further questions?

17 Bus Forum Contract Issues Ø Trading on buses Ø Giving sweets and drinks etc to passengers Ø Drink driving

18 Bus Forum New Academic Year Mainstream framework extended Summary of recent eAuctions X X X Tenders by email for local bus and others 2011/12 bus passes will be green, sample being circulated Season tickets for service buses will be very similar but will contain detail of specific journeys as currently

19 Bus Forum CRB /Driver registration CRB charge £44 for enhanced disclosures The Council are introducing on-line CRB Each contractor will need to nominate an evidence checker

20 Bus Forum Road Closure Notifications Operators will receive e notification Headline details will have location and dates Operators asked to consider alternatives using local operating knowledge Advantage is more notice and wider notification

21 Bus Forum Working Group nominations Remit of the working group: – For both the Authority and bus companies to gain an insight and understanding of the aspects of contract work that are important to them and work together to address any general issues that may arise – For LCC to pass on information on relevant policy or legislative changes, duty of care issues and general information affecting the bus market – To discuss new ways of working and to work in partnership – To look at all aspects of LCC contract work for mutual benefit – To share the discussion with all in the market via the published minutes Please contact Dave Smith or a member of staff in the STG with your nomination. We are looking for 1-2 people from approximately 10 companies to form the 2010/11 working group to meet 3 times between now and April 2011.

22 Bus Forum Working group nominations and further information ·By phone: 0116 3058777 and ask for the Quality Team ·By email: ·In writing: Quality Team Sustainable Travel Group Environment & Transport Department County Hall Glenfield Leicester LE3 8RJ Our website: in Roads and Transport

23 Bus Forum Q & A Session

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