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Community capacity building Neil Lambert Voluntary Action Charnwood.

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1 Community capacity building Neil Lambert Voluntary Action Charnwood

2 Identity Where do I live? Identify your community by:- Place name – village/estate People who are members Number of people Size of area – district, region Interest – e.g. birdwatchers

3 Stronger communities strategy within SCS seeks to empower communities to Define themselves, so that members identify with each other Recognise other communities Engage effectively with the authorities who plan and provide public services In order to improve the lives of everyone in Leicestershire

4 Community development Social justice Participation Equality Learning Co-operation Environmental justice – action to protect and improve

5 Types of change DOING something new or differently Spending more money Making more physical effort STOPPING doing something, whether benefits apparent or not

6 Campaigning – one-off or longer-term May not require formal records Could reach more people by direct personal contact, including in their own groups E.g. signing up to pledge Time intensive but more success

7 Set up a new group Function – purpose, why, what, aims, activities, duration, outcomes, impact Form – charity (constitution), company (M+A), loose terms of reference (simple statement) Publicity to join; and to achieve aims/outcomes/impact

8 Leading & Organising Charismatic leader Motivator or Persuader Direct contact at local level Coordination in communities Getting things done through meetings Actions louder than words

9 Disciplines Record keeping Registration and compliance Cash and banking Accountability for funding Lack of support Failure to achieve

10 Checklist Ask whether a group is needed What purpose/aims? Short-term? What activities and members? How will you judge success? How will others judge success? Assess effort required, and risk, against benefits achievable

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