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PLAN Test Sophomore Class of 2015 Thursday, September 13, 2012.

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1 PLAN Test Sophomore Class of 2015 Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 All sophomore students will take the PLAN test Students will enter the large gym at 7:15 am The test will start promptly at 7:35 and last until noon. Students will go to third lunch and then proceed to their 7 th block classes All sophomores are automatically signed up to take the test

3 What is the purpose of the PLAN? The test is directly aligned with the ACT, which assesses students’ academic progress and college readiness The test provides a predictive ACT score The test assists students in selecting high school coursework The test provides information to assist in setting career goals

4 How are the PLAN results used? The results of the PLAN will assist teachers, counselors and students in locating students’ strengths and weaknesses Students may use the results to choose classes for junior and senior year Students are able to determine ways to improve their areas of weakness prior to college

5 How do I prepare to take the test? No advanced studying is required Get a good night’s rest Eat a healthy breakfast Bring sharpened # 2 pencils; pencil sharpeners will not be available Mechanical pencils should not be used Bring calculator and extra batteries

6 When will I receive the test results? Results are usually sent to the school the second week in November. Counselors will return the results to you in your World History classes

7 What will be included on the test? Tests in English, Reading, Math and Science--- just like the ACT A career interest inventory that can help with career exploration Opportunity to sign up to release your contact information to the PLAN Educational Opportunity Service

8 What if I release my contact information? This permits the PLAN Educational Opportunity Service to send your name and address to agencies that will provide you with information about education, scholarships, careers and financial aid You will receive information from colleges and universities NO ONE WILL RECEIVE YOUR TEST SCORES!

9 How can I do my best on the PLAN? Follow directions exactly Mark your answer folder carefully Fill in the ovals neatly Don’t spend too much time on one question Watch the time and pace yourself There is no penalty for guessing

10 QUESTIONS? Talk to your counselor Ask your teachers visit http://www/act/org/planhttp://www/act/org/plan

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