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5th Grade – CRCT Practice

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1 5th Grade – CRCT Practice
English/Language Arts Research Process

2 1. Which reference book would be the best source to find a picture of James Edward Oglethorpe? A.   almanac   B.   thesaurus   C.   dictionary   D.   encyclopedia  

3 2. Tell-Tale Heart, The, 227 Thanksgiving Hunter, 575
   Teasdale, Sara, 555      Tell-Tale Heart, The, 227      Thanksgiving Hunter, 575         Thank You, Ma'am, 223         Thayer, Ernest Lawrence, 456   Which BEST describes the information shown above?   A.   index   B.   glossary   C.   title page   D.   table of contents  

4 3. Which resource would you use to compare a physical map of South America to a physical map of Africa?   A.   atlas   B.   almanac   C.   thesaurus   D.   dictionary  

5 4. A. skimming B. organizing C. note-taking D. paraphrasing
 Roger is trying to decide if a book is suitable for using in his report on iguanas. He is briefly reading the first few pages to see if it is written for his age level.  Which step in the research process is Roger using?   A.   skimming   B.   organizing   C.   note-taking   D.   paraphrasing  

6 5. In which source would you find synonyms for the word forget?
A.   almanac   B.   thesaurus   C.   periodicals   D.   encyclopedia  

7 6. After you have written a research paper, which of the following should you do next? A.   take notes   B.   develop an outline   C.   formulate questions   D.   complete the bibliography  

8 7. What do you do when you PARAPHRASE something?
A.    study and observe a certain subject   B.    say the same thing but in your own words   C.    list and organize the main topics of a paper   D.    condense a work of writing into a shorter version  

9 8. Which word would you find on the dictionary page with these guide words: game - gate? A.   gaffer   B.   gallon   C.   gasoline   D.   gadabout  

10 9. A group of students has been assigned the task of preparing a report on the history of the American flag. The report is to be presented in front of the entire class and must include the use of visual aids like drawings and pictures.  An example of an effective visual aid that the students could use to enhance their presentation is   A.    a movie about the Revolutionary War.   B.    a set of drawings of old maps of America.   C.    a story about the development of the American flag.   D.    a set of drawings of the American flag through the years

11 10. Your teacher has assigned you to do a research paper on the quilt that Beth made. Which of the following would not be an appropriate question to ask her? A.    Do you feel that your mother is a good teacher when it comes to quilt-making?   B.    If you were to buy a quilt, about how much would one cost?   C.    What was the hardest part about making this quilt?   D.    What was the very first step in making this quilt?  

12 11. Which shows the correct order of the research process?
A.    Identify resources, identify a topic, create an outline, and write a bibliography.   B.    Identify a topic, compose the text, create an outline of text, and write a title page.   C.    Create an outline, identify the topic, cite sources, and create a bibliography of sources.   D.    Identify a topic, create an outline of the topic, compose text, and create a bibliography

13 12. Amanda is writing a paper on the violin for her music class. She wants to find all of the pages where the subject of violins appears in her music book.  Where would she find that information?   A.   the index   B.   the glossary   C.   the title page   D.   the table of contents car.

14 13. For which would you use a dictionary?
A.    to find photographs of various flowers   B.   to find the best times to plant different flowers   C.   to find other words that mean the same as flower   D.    to find out how to change flower from a noun to an adjective  

15 14. John read in the World Book Encyclopedia: "Human expansion in southern Florida continues to reduce the habitat of the panther and endangers its survival in the wild."       John rewrote: "As people continue to move into south Florida, panthers have less space to live in and are decreasing in number."  Which step in the research process is John using?   A.   organizing   B.   note-taking   C.   paraphrasing   D.   formulating questions  

16 15. Which task should be completed immediately before writing the first draft of a research paper? A.   taking notes   B.   choosing a topic   C.   making an outline   D.   selecting resources  

17 Answer Key 1. D 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. D 7. B 8. C 9. D 10. B D A 13. D C C

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