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Research/ Reference Skills

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1 Research/ Reference Skills
7th – 8th grade Research/ Reference Skills

2 Hardcopy References Encyclopedia Atlas Almanac Dictionary Thesaurus
Magazines Newspapers

3 Encyclopedia Includes information on a wide range of topics or subjects Arranged in alphabetical order by subject

4 Atlas A bound collection of all types of maps of the world, a country, or state

5 World Almanac A yearly calendar providing a wide variety of information on the times of certain events Dates of holidays Rising and setting of sun and moon Range of important events

6 Reader’s Guide to Periodicals
The Reader's Guide is an alphabetically-arranged index to magazine articles which you locate by looking up either subjects or authors.  The subject approach is most commonly used.  All abbreviations used in the guide can be found in the front of the issue. 

7 Newspapers/Magazines
Many cities in America publish daily newspapers (Ex: The Abbeville Meridional) and Magazines (Ex: Newsweek) are available on almost any subject Newspapers and magazines are referred to as periodicals because they are published on a regular basis

8 Dictionary Spellings Definitions Pronunciation Parts of speech
An unabridged dictionary also gives the origin of the word

9 Thesaurus A book of synonyms and antonyms

10 Some Features Reference Sources may have in Common
Title Page Table of Contents Glossary Index Bibliography

11 Title Page Title Author Publisher Place of publication
Don’t forget the back of page Copyright date, publisher, city of publication, other information about the book

12 Table of Contents What the book contains is broken down by Chapters
Page Numbers Includes where to find Glossary Index

13 Glossary Includes important words from the textbook along with their definitions; it is the dictionary of a textbook Located at the back of the book, before the Index It is in alphabetical order

14 Index Includes information about everything in the book and which page(s) to find the information in the book located at the very back of the book listed in alphabetical order

15 Bibliography Reference page for list of other sources for a book/paper
Alphabetical order by the author’s last name Also includes book title, where published, publisher, copyright date, page numbers (if cited)

16 Which is the reference page or list of sources for a book?
Index Glossary Title Page Bibliography

17 Which source would be used to learn to pronounce a word?
Thesaurus Dictionary Almanac Encyclopedia

18 Your family is driving to Boston, Massachusetts, this summer
Your family is driving to Boston, Massachusetts, this summer. Where would you look to find out how long the drive will be? Globe U.S. Atlas Encyclopedia Geography book

19 John wants to find out which football team won the Rose Bowl in 1992
John wants to find out which football team won the Rose Bowl in What resource would help him find this information? Dictionary The Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature The World Almanac An Atlas

20 What is the reference page for a list of sources for a book?
Index Glossary Title page Bibliography

21 Jamal is reading a book about dinosaurs
Jamal is reading a book about dinosaurs. Where should he look to find the definition of a word he doesn’t know? Title page Table of contents Index Glossary

22 Which of the following is an annual publication with a calendar for the year?
Atlas Almanac Thesaurus Dictionary

23 What question can Anna answer using a thesaurus?
What is the capital of Maine? What words means the same as funny? What do bears do when they hibernate? Does it ever snow in Spain?

24 While doing math homework, Taquila became confused by two words, numerator and denominator. Where in her book would she most likely find correct definitions of these words? Table of contents Glossary Title page Index

25 In which of these resources would you find a listing of major earthquakes during the last century?
Almanac Thesaurus Dictionary Encyclopedia

26 Which resource would contain information on the development of electricity?
Atlas Almanac Dictionary Encyclopedia

27 Which part of the book gives the name of the book and the name of the publisher?
Index Glossary Title page Table of Contents

28 Which would be the best source for info about the years Dr
Which would be the best source for info about the years Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive? Atlas Thesaurus Dictionary Encyclopedia

29 The part of the book that contains references to other sources is called the…
Atlas Index Glossary Bibliography

30 Where would you find a brief summary of Abraham Lincoln’s life?
Atlas Thesaurus Dictionary Encyclopedia

31 What piece of information would be found on a title page?
Author’s name History of the publisher Number of pages in the book Number of other books by the author

32 Pat is looking for info on fossils
Pat is looking for info on fossils. Which resource would give him a list of articles on rocks and fossils found in magazines and other publications? Thesaurus Textbook glossary Poor Richard’s Almanac Reader’s Guide to Periodicals

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