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Leesburg High School 11-12 Foundations for Success.

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1 Leesburg High School Foundations for Success

2 Five Pillars leading to Success

3 PROUD Instructional Climate Pillar 1 P--Positive class culture (High expectations) R--Rigor, relationships, and relevance O--Objectives (measurable) U--Understanding HOTS D--Delivery (utilization of CBC)

4 Pillar 2 Effective Use of Common Planning (5x7)

5 Common Planning Expectations HIVE leader will provide focus and support Two meetings per week (Tuesdays and Fridays) Two additional days per month for professional development and visitations

6 Common Planning Attendance and participation common planning is a non- negotiable Ground rules and professional discourse will prevail A common template for the meetings will be provided

7 Common Planning Focus Points Focus calendar adherence and pacing Has benchmark been reduced to student actions? How do we know students are learning? How we respond when they fall short? Use of common assessments Use of common grading rubrics Common lesson plan format

8 Pillar #3 Pillar #3 The understanding of FCAT Test Specifications

9 Pillar #4 The embracing of the new teacher assessment model based on the book, The Art and Science of Teaching

10 Pillar #5 The incorporation of the 5 th plus period as an essential tool to develop student character traits and assist in academic interventions.

11 5 Pillars leading to Success

12 Need to Know (data) ACT 225 students tested (155 in 2007) major gains in English and Reading major gains in English and Reading LHS composite 19.0 (state 19.6) Composite

13 FCAT 33 point drop (50% of school grade) Led to Opportunity Scholarship School grade not released until October Lake County has dropped the last three years in overall FCAT achievement (HS)

14 Subgroup awareness How many subgroups does LHS have? How many subgroups does LHS have?

15 A total of Four WhiteBlack Free and reduced lunch Exceptional student education

16 Beliefs and Commitments Do you believe thru improved and focused instructional strategies, with a determined passion to find success in our students, that LHS can become a center of academic success?

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