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Welcome to the Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education Retreat July

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1 Welcome to the Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education Retreat July 11 - 12

2 Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education Program’s “Home”

3 Inside the office doors, you’ll find…..
Susan Seymore – Program Manager Christy Hicks – Program Specialist

4 Pam Williams – Office Manager
Nicki Jones – Office Assistant

5 Bland County High School Teachers: Al Smith and Brenda Tate

6 City of Bristol Virginia High School Teacher: Sharon Hutchinson
Sharon Hutchinson w/ her students

7 Virginia High School Cont.
Another passing student!

8 Ben Talley: ABE Jail Pictures are of his Van Pelt Elementary Class
Ben telling the children a story

9 Bristol Virginia Employment Commission Teachers: Sharon Hutchinson and Jerry Mays

10 Galax Middle School ESL Class – Liza Sutherland and Rodney Alderman ABE Class

11 Galax Middle School Cont.
ESL Students

12 Galax Virginia Employment Commission Teacher: Rodney Alderman

13 Galax VEC Cont.

14 Grayson County Library Teacher: Lola Coleman
A preacher who is taking class to get his GED to become a auctioneer

15 Grayson County Grayson Co. High School CATE Center Teacher Larry Bolt
Larry Bolt’s Office Larry w/ a student who passed their GED!

16 Grayson County CATE Ctr. Cont.

17 Grayson Co. CATE Ctr. Cont.
Larry must really “knock em’ dead”

18 Smyth Count Jail Teacher: Rhett Sutherland (RAT)

19 Smyth County Smyth County Educational Center Teacher: B.B. Darian

20 Smyth Co. Ed. Ctr. Cont….

21 Northwood High School Teacher: Debbie Roark

22 Northwood High School Cont.
Math……what fun!

23 TAP I Center Teacher: Jane Weaver
Jane Weaver with her students

24 TAP I Center Cont. A student helping other students

25 Chilhowie Elementary School Computer Class Teacher: Mike Sturgill
Students w/ their completion certificate

26 WASHINGTON COUNTY Skill Center Class A. M
WASHINGTON COUNTY Skill Center Class A.M. Teachers: Sue Rector and Rita Roper Mrs. Rita Roper

27 Skill Center Class cont.
Mrs. Sue Rector

28 Glade Community Center Teacher: Sue Rector

29 Glade Community Center Cont.
Sue Rector giving one of her famous lectures

30 Glade Community Center Teacher: Georgia Moore
Learning to type

31 Damascus Middle School Teacher: Bobbi Taylor

32 Patrick Henry High School Teacher: Rita Roper
Rita Roper w/ her students

33 Patrick Henry High School Cont.
Ricky is wanting to join the police academy!

34 Benhams HeadStart Teacher: Rozanne Counts

35 Wallace Middle School Teacher: Rozanne Counts

36 Wallace Middle School cont.

37 Skill Center Class PM Teacher: Jerry Musick and Georgia Moore

38 Wythe Virginia Employment Commission Teachers: Jerry Miller and Marie Martin

39 Wytheville VEC Class Cont.

40 Wytheville Max Meadows Elementary School Teacher: Marie Martin

41 Wythe Housing Authority Teacher: Marie Martin

42 Rural Retreat High School Teacher: Sue Dill

43 Thank you for attending! Enjoy the rest of the retreat!

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