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Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle

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1 Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle
Daily Life In Rome By: Kerry Giordano Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle

2 The Client-Patron System
Network of reciprocal relationships institutionalized by Roman custom The duties of the Client The obligations of the Patron Patron-client relationships endured over generations in many cases and sometimes across miles Reflects the central Roman value of fidelity

3 Law and Order Senators carry weight
Crime common – murder, assault, stealing Police patrol rich only Some streets closed at night Anyone can accuse anyone of a crime! Poor often harsher punishments

4 The Role of Religion Roman gods: stern, powerful and aloof
No formal priesthood—role of aristocrats --pax deorum The Pontifex Maximus and his board of priests The role of religious festivals and foreign cults --The Festival of Lupercalia Except most religions- no conflict with emperor

5 Roman Religion (cont) Three central gods: Jupiter, Juno and Minerva
Main role of the gods was protection and provision – oversee daily life The shrine of Vesta and the Vestal Virgins – offer cakes on the hearth Household shrines: Penates and Lares Roman belief in a multitude of spirits

6 Power in the Roman Family
A Patriarchal Society: “Patria Potestas” (Power of a Father) Father assumed the power of life and death over his family Roman fathers conferred with a “council” of friends Women living in the shadow of men – wealthy can own property The power and duties of women --Tullia

7 Power in the Roman Family (cont)
The lot of poor women - HARD The indirect political impact of women A day in the life of a Roman household --Began the day early --Main meal at midday --An agricultural economy and practices

8 Goals of Roman Education for Public Life
Only strong babies kept Poor – home school until 6/7 Naming Ceremony – Bulla (boys) Boys: Manhood ceremony Study- Latin, Greek, math, science, lit, music, public speaking Education of girls – dentist, Real estate, tutors, midwives Girls:12-18 married

9 Roman Food and Drink Wealthy – kitchens vs. Poor – grills
Thermopolia = “fast food” Bread, beans, spices, few veggies, cheese, water, meat, etc. Market = exotic animals – anything for $$ Breakfast = bread, beans or porridge Lunch = cheese/bread and maybe olives/celery Dinner = Poor = fish, asparagus, fig Wealthy = honey roasted parrots, date stuffing, salted jellyfish, snails in milk!

10 Roman Houses Wealthy – stone/marble, atrium, couches, mosaics
Poor – apartment buildings, grills, cramped, noisy, dirty

11 Roman Recreation Public Baths - for everyone
- swim, bathe, exercise, massage - libraries, shops, art, gardens Bread and Circuses (poor) = free - gladiators – bloody! - Circus Maximus – chariots – men and women can sit together!

12 Roman Country Life 90% of people live in the country
Wealthy = villas – raise crops/livestock Farms = grains, grapes, olives, goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, bees Slaves = most of the work! Non-slaves = huts, tiny farm or labor on estates

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