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Chapter 2960 Training: February 8, 2006 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

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2 Chapter 2960 Training: February 8, 2006 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

3 Presenters Deborah Beske Brown-Foster Care-DHS (651) 296-4309 Larry Burzinski-Supervisor-DHS Licensing (651) 296-4727 Lisa Cain-Licensor-DOC (507)-357-6933 Julie Reger-MH/CH Unit Manager-DHS Licensing (651) 296-0156 Julie Snyder-Licensor-DOC (507) 389-5798

4 Training Outline/Rule Components: Introduction, objectives, and housekeeping Brief history, enabling legislation, development, and overview of rule components including certifications Rule Components

5 Children's Residential Facilities Training: Objectives Information on new licensing and program certifications County agencies role with new programs and with individual placements Web design offering detailed information about facilities and treatment services

6 Children's Residential Facilities Rule History Enabling Legislation Passed in 1995 MN Laws, 1995, Chapter 226, Article 3, Section 60 Amended in 1997 extending time period Legislation directed the commissioners of corrections and human services: To establish an advisory committee to develop and jointly adopt consistent licensing program standards To ensure provision of appropriate services to children and juveniles with single or multiple problems

7 Children's Residential Facilities Enabling Legislation/Desired Outcomes Legislation required standards that were expanded upon in rule language which included: Language applicable to most programs Certification language specific to, detention, chemical dependency, mental health, restrictive techniques, and a variety of other certifications Desired outcomes include: Enhanced linkage of services with client needs Increased consistency in licensing requirements Increased provider accountability

8 Former Rules Have Gone the Way of the Dinosaurs DHS Rule 5 DHS Rule 8 DHS Rule 35 DOC Juvenile Licensing Rules

9 Children's Residential Facilities Rule Development Process Led to the Development of The Children's Residential Facilities Rule Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) DHS – DOC Interagency Agreement to guide: License and certification process Negative action protocol Interagency communication License data and data collection

10 Childrens Residential Facilities Rule Licensing Standards Shelter Program (DHS) Program Certification Standards Definitions/Standards Applicable to ALL Facilities (DOC/DHS) Family foster Homes (county social services/DHS) Separate section Transitional Services (DHS/DOC) Correctional Program (DOC) Chemical Dependency Program (DHS) MH* Program (DHS) Detention Facilities (DOC) Group Residential Facilities (DOC/DHS) Secure Program (DOC) Restrictive Technique Certification Standards * Locked with additional standards

11 Rule Certifications ALL residential standards (2960.0130) Group residential standards (2960.0130) Shelter certification (2960.0510) Transitional services certification (2960.0050) Chemical dependency certification (2960.0430) Mental health certification (2960.0580) Restrictive techniques certification (2960.0710) Corrections certification (2960.0540) Corrections secure certification (2960.0300) Additional Programs Foster Family, foster residential, shelter/emergency shelter settings and treatment foster care

12 Childrens Residential Facilities Rule Development Assessment: Advantages 9 licensing rules consolidated in one rule chapter A common set of general standards identified for most providers Program-specific standards separately identified Standards reflect interagency consensus Better linkage between client needs and program services by admission criteria, screening and assessment requirements Enhances provider choice of program services offered Ensures provider accountability through program evaluation and client outcome requirements

13 Children's Residential Facilities Rule Transition Issues What to watch for in the coming months: Ongoing collaborative spirit Common data base Review of negative action procedures (DHS/ DOC)

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