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Scientific Investigation

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1 Scientific Investigation
Science Jeopardy Slide 25 Ecology Scientific Investigation Molecular & Cellular Systems & Organisms Pot luck 10 10 10 10 10 20 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40 40

2 Himalayan rabbits are white with black fur on their ears and the tips of their feet. If an icepack is placed on a rabbit’s back, the fur will grow in black. In this case, the hair color is determined by- length of fur competition environmental conditions predation pressure C

3 Which of the following statements describes the process of natural selection?
Farmers select animals with desirable variations for breeding. Populations sharing the same gene pool interbreed and create new species. Individuals survive that have inherited traits adapted to their environment. New species are formed via genetic engineering. B

4 Daily Double

5 The island of Aldabra lies 400 kilometers off the coast of Africa and is home to the Aldabra Rail, a long-legged wetland bird. The Aldabra Rail is flightless and much different from the rails living on the mainland. This bird became a distinctly different species through- reproductive isolation adaptive radiation convergence geographic isolation D

6 What is the main cause of fish kills in rivers polluted by fertilizers?
Decreased mineral sources Decreased oxygen levels Increased water temperatures Increased water levels B

7 If a student needs to do research on heredity for a science project, which of these source is the most reliable resource? A weekly news magazine A newspaper tabloid A national newspaper A professional journal D

8 Hypothesis: More pine seeds germinate after a forest fire.
The most valid and reliable test of this hypothesis would include an experimental group of pine seeds that was recovered from a fire area and pine seeds that were- germinated after a fire tolerant of fire found before a fire placed in a fire C

9 Which of these hypotheses is best supported by the observations of this animal.
This animal spends much of its time digging. This animal usually hunts for food at night. This animal is herbivorous. D) This animal has poor hearing. A

10 A student wants to view cells under the compound microscope at a total magnification of 400X. If the eyepiece is 10X, which of the following objective lenses should we use? 4X 10X 40X D) 100X C

11 Daily Double

12 Bacteria are tremendously successful unicellular organisms, yet all large organisms are multicellular. Unicellular organisms cannot grow very large because the – energy expenditures would be too great locomotion of the organisms would be too slow diffusion of nutrients into the cell’s interior would be too slow D) respiratory rate would be too high C

13 In cows, long hair is dominant to short hair
In cows, long hair is dominant to short hair. In a cow that is heterozygous for long hair, what percentage of the cells undergoing meiosis will carry the dominant allele? 25% B) 50% C) 75% D) 100% B

14 Human red blood cells that lack sufficient hemoglobin would have a low amount of what substance?
Hydrogen B) Nitrogen Calcium D) Oxygen D

15 Which characteristic do viruses possess in common with living cells?
They contain a nucleus and organelles. They make their own food. They contain nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA. They are inactive outside the body of living cells. C

16 This organism is most closely related to animals in the Phylum Arthropoda, the phylum that contains beetles, because it has- legs B) antennae C) an elongated body D) jointed appendages D

17 Which of these processes is carried out in the same way in both plants and animals?
Cellular respiration B) Asexual reproduction C) Circulation of body fluids D) Excretion of metabolic waste A

18 What is the purpose of the flagellum?
Circulation B) Catching Prey C) Movement D) Attachment C

19 Which characteristic supports the hypothesis that this bird spends a great deal of time in the trees and shrubs? The thickness of its bill The crest of feathers on its head The shape of its feet The color of its wings C

20 Which of these does not depend on muscle contraction?
Eye movement Arm movement Reflexes Pain perception D

21 Cells are the functional units that make up tissues
Cells are the functional units that make up tissues. Tissues then become the functional units that make up- enzymes organs other cells DNA B

22 In rabbits, short fur (F) is dominant to long fur (f)
In rabbits, short fur (F) is dominant to long fur (f). According to the Punnett square, what is the chance of the two heterozygous short-haired rabbits having offspring with short fur? One in four Two in four Three in four Four in four C

23 The concentration of glucose must be maintained within a fairly narrow range in the most vertebrates. This statement is an example of- homeostasis excretion glycolysis fermentation A

24 Which of these functions most like the “brain”
of the cell? The nucleus The Golgi apparatus The mitochondrion The smooth endoplasmic reticulum A

25 Double Jeopardy Scientific Investigation Ecology Cellular Level Organisms Pot Luck 20 20 20 20 20 40 40 40 40 40 60 60 60 60 60 80 80 80 80 80

26 What is the correct sequence for plant cell mitosis?

27 Daily Double

28 The reduction of the chromosome number during meiosis is most important for-
preventing the nucleus from becoming larger with each cell division maintaining the chromosome number during sexual reproduction keeping the amount of DNA in the cell at a minimal level allowing the growth of the cell without increasing the DNA content B

29 A chart of human chromosomes pairs is called a karyotype
A chart of human chromosomes pairs is called a karyotype. What information is revealed in the karyotype below? The sex The age Trisomy Gene dominance A

30 A biology class wanted to develop a research project to predict the effects of a new highway on wildflower species found in the Piedmont region of Virginia. The class could best conduct such a study by sampling flowers found in the highway construction area- one year before highway construction begins both before and after highway construction is completed immediately after highway construction is finished during the time highway construction is taking place B

31 A The picture shows a coverslip correctly being lowered
onto a slide. This method is used because it- reduces the possibility of air bubbles on the slide prevents the escape of micro- organisms found in the water C) allows microorganisms to move freely in the water D) prevents the coverslip from moving A

32 The hypothesis best supported by this graph is that these beetles are most active when the area is-
free from predators coolest with some sunlight C) wettest from dew D) richest in the oxygen supplies B

33 According to this chart, the insects that are the most closely related are the-
springtails and bristletails dragonflies and proturans springtails and proturans bristletails and mayflies C

34 Daily Double

35 A symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits while one organism is harmed is known as-
antagonism commensalism mutualism parasitism D

36 Tall land plants have requirements different from those of aquatic plants. Which of these must the tall land plants have that aquatic plants do not need? Photosynthetic abilities Organelles for respiration A means of reproduction Thick-celled walls D

37 The nonpoisonous eastern scarlet snake has colored bands that closely resemble the poisonous coral snake. This selective adaptation provides the eastern scarlet snake with- increased breeding opportunities a method of avoiding predation the ability to attract prey increased feeding opportunities B

38 According to this simplified water cycle, the process of transpiration is the process that-
causes photosynthesis in plants B) releases water vapor from plants C) speeds the evaporation of water D) increases the rate of the water cycle B

39 The body of which of these organisms has the least specialized organization?
Jellyfish Sea urchin Starfish Sponge D

40 What is the major function of the values found in human veins?
Preventing movement of blood clots Reducing the back flow of blood Adding oxygen to blood plasma Slowing the red blood cells B

41 According to the graph, the highest metabolic rate is found in-
amphibians reptiles birds mammals D

42 In the human body, the circulatory system transports
and delivers substances. Within the cell, which organelle performs a similar function? Nucleus Golgi apparatus Mitochondrion Endoplasmic reticulum D

43 Which level of this food pyramid represents the largest biomass?
Bass Minnows Copepods Algae D

44 Scientists found the fossilized remains of a canine’s jaw and leg
Scientists found the fossilized remains of a canine’s jaw and leg. What information must first be obtained before the scientists can place the fossils in the ancestral timeline of the dog? The rest of the skeleton The continent where the fossils were found The age of the fossils The population trends for the species C

45 A flower with this shape would use what type of pollinator?
Wind Mammal Rain Hummingbird D

46 Which of the following is an example of a genetically engineered organism?
A plant that received external DNA to produce natural insecticides A new plant variety created by cross-pollination Seedless fruits resulting from grafting of one plant onto another A plant that naturally possesses medical properties A


48 According to the graph, addition of the enzyme amylase causes the reaction to-
slow down speed up give off heat take in heat B

49 Thanks for playing JEOPARDY
Now, go home and study!

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