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Vocabulary : Pumpkin Fiesta boasted, crept, crown, village, vines.

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2 Vocabulary : Pumpkin Fiesta boasted, crept, crown, village, vines

3 Pumpkin Fiesta A.Read each vocabulary word and the definition. 1.boastedboasted 2.creptcrept 3.crowncrown 4.villagevillage 5.vinesvines Click on each word to see the definition! B. Take a Quiz???Quiz

4 boasted Meaning : bragged Sentence : The young lady boasted about being crowned the festival queen.

5 crept Meaning : moved slowly Sentence : The alligator slowly crept up behind the bird in the pond.

6 crown Meaning : a pretty head covering, often with points Sentence : The king had many different crowns to wear.

7 village Meaning : a group of houses that is not as large as a town Sentence : The farmer went into the village to sell his goods.

8 vines Meaning : plants with long stems that need to be held up Sentence : The green grapes were growing sweet on the vines.

9 Pumpkin Fiesta Vocabulary Quiz DIRECTIONS: Read each question and click on the correct answer. If you get it wrong use the arrow button to go back to the question and try again. Click on the buttons to go to the next question.

10 The old man ______________ about being the richest man in the world. A. village B. boasted C. crown D. vines NEXT QUESTION


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13 The frog prince wore a ___________ on his head. A. crept B. crown C. village D. boasted NEXT QUESTION


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16 The sneaky cat _____________ up quietly behind the mouse. A. crept B. village C. crown D. boasted NEXT QUESTION


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19 The green ____________ were climbing up the walls of the castle. A. crown B. vines C. boasted D. village NEXT QUESTION


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22 The girl lived in a small _____________ with farms around it. A. crept B. vines C. crown D. village NEXT QUESTION


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25 QUIZ COMPLETE! Take the quiz again! Im finished!

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