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Vocabulary : Cool Ali admired, fussed, haze, mimicked, notice, pale.

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2 Vocabulary : Cool Ali admired, fussed, haze, mimicked, notice, pale

3 Cool Ali A.Read each vocabulary word and the definition. 1.admiredadmired 2.fussedfussed 3.hazehaze 4.mimickedmimicked 5.noticenotice 6.palepale Click on each word to see the definition! B. Take a Quiz???Quiz

4 admired Meaning : noticed something and liked it Sentence : The children admired the new playground equipment at school.

5 fussed Meaning : showed unhappiness; complained Sentence : The baby fussed loudly when it was time for his nap.

6 haze Meaning : misty, smoky, or dusty air Sentence : It was difficult to see the city through the haze.

7 mimicked Meaning : copied Sentence : The three monkeys mimicked the people watching them at the zoo.

8 notice Meaning : be aware of Sentence : Did you notice the dark storm clouds before it started to rain?

9 pale Meaning : light in color Sentence : The teenager was wearing a pale blue sweater.

10 Cool ali Vocabulary Quiz DIRECTIONS: Read each question and click on the correct answer. If you get it wrong use the arrow button to go back to the question and try again. Click on the buttons to go to the next question.

11 The baby bird ______________its mother when it was learning how to fly. A. notice B. fussed C. haze D. mimicked NEXT QUESTION


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14 The beautiful rose was a __________ shade of pink. A. pale B. admired C. notice D. haze NEXT QUESTION


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17 My little sister ______________ when she could not find her favorite pair of shoes. A. fussed B. pale C. admired D. notice NEXT QUESTION


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20 My teacher ______________my neat handwriting in class yesterday. A. pale B. admired C. haze D. notice NEXT QUESTION


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23 We did not _____________ the dark gray clouds gathering in the sky. A. fussed B. mimicked C. notice D. admired NEXT QUESTION


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26 The artist used a pale blue color for the winter ______________. A. mimicked B. admired C. pale D. haze NEXT QUESTION

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29 QUIZ COMPLETE! Take the quiz again! Im finished!

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