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Title I Schoolwide Ray Draghi and Rasha Hetata October 2014.

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1 Title I Schoolwide Ray Draghi and Rasha Hetata October 2014

2 Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

3 TA means that services are provided to a select group of children Is not eligible yet or has chosen not to operate as a Title I Schoolwide Identifies eligible children within the school on the basis of multiple, educationally related criteria Title I Targeted Assistance (TA) Section 1115 Title I Part A 3

4 Who is eligible for Title I? Title I eligible at/above 35% low income or at/above your district low-income average. Title I funds used primarily to support programs for eligible Title I students.

5 Title I Targeted Assistance Identify eligible students Rank order (Multiple objective educationally related criteria) Supplement not supplant

6 Migrant children, Immigrant or LEP who received services under other federal grants Children who participated in Title I-funded preschool programs, Head Start, Even Start or Early Reading Neglected or delinquent Children Homeless children Title I Targeted Assistance Eligible Students Section 1115(B) 6

7 Benefits of TA School Title I funds exclusively serve children with the greatest academic need. The academic progress of the individual student served is readily monitored and evaluated. Title I funds are clearly budgeted, expended and accounted for.

8 May an LEA use Part A Funds to Identify At-risk Students? NO It’s the LEA’s responsibility.

9 What’s a Title I Schoolwide Program?

10 Title I Schoolwide Program Requirements Poverty level of at least 40%. School must spend at least one year developing a comprehensive plan.

11 Comprehensive Needs Assessment Identify gaps between current school status and vision of where it wants to be. 1

12 Comprehensive Plan 2 Reform Strategies Highly Qualified Teachers (Must be 100%HQT) High Quality Professional Development

13 Comprehensive Plan Attract Highly Qualified Teachers Increase Parental Involvement Preschool Transition

14 Teachers & Use of Assessment Data Effective and Timely Additional Assistance Coordination of Programs Comprehensive Plan

15 Schoolwide Plan Development

16 The comprehensive plan SHALL be – Developed during a one-year period* Developed with the involvement of - Parents, teachers, principals, administrators, Pupil Services Personnel, Technical Assistance Providers, School Staff and even Students (if secondary school)

17 School must annually evaluate the outcomes Is the plan appropriate as written? School must revise its plan as necessary Annual Evaluation 3

18 Document, Document, Document

19 Process for Schoolwide Planning 1 Qualify and Decide 2 Notify Federal Programs Consultant 3 Start the One Year Planning Process

20 Process for Schoolwide Planning 4 Create Building Plan & Complete SW Components In CCIP 5 Change Service Type To SW - New 6 Change To SW-New Only Authorized at the Start of the Fiscal Year With Initial CCIP Application

21 Questions - Schoolwide

22 ESEA, Section 1114, Title I Schoolwide Pooling

23 Purpose of Schoolwide Pool Funds Available How will we fund our plan? Comprehensive Plan How will we address the needs? Comprehensive Needs Assessment What are the needs?

24 Schoolwide Pooling Not more money, only added fiscal flexibility Pooling creates a consolidated budget

25 Ensure Intent and Purpose of the Contributing Federal Program are met, particularly as they relate to the lowest- performing students.

26 Funds in Schoolwide Pool

27 Auditor of State Bulletin

28 Board Resolution Resolution establishing schoolwide pooling for all eligible Title I schoolwide buildings.

29 Requirements Still to Meet Required set-asides Private School Participation MOE/Comparability Supplement, not supplant

30 Requirements Still to Meet Required set-asides Private School Participation MOE/Comparability Supplement, not supplant

31 Benefits Increased spending of federal funds Consolidate budget Greater flexibility

32 Resources Designing Schoolwide Pro. Non- Reg. Guidance Title I Fiscal Issues Schoolwide Pool User Guide Auditor of State Bulletin 2007-003

33 Questions?

34 ESEA Flexibility Waiver/Expanded Learning Opportunities October 2014

35 ESEA Flexibility Waiver 20% Requirement uses of funds Supporting implementation of expanded learning time for K-2 to meet Reading and Language Arts AMO’s Other school specific needs as identified through the intervention models and/or School Improvement plans Implementing college and career readiness

36 ESEA Flexibility Waiver 20% Requirement uses of funds Teacher collaboration Expanding the day for traditional instructional time Implement new school models (ex: turnaround principles, innovation) Collaborate with 21 st CCLC partners where applicable to plan, implement and evaluation restructuring the rearticulating of the school day

37 Instructional Salaries and Benefits Instruction: Teachers HQT Core Academics Support Services: Paraprofessionals

38 Transportation Supplemental: Bus Driver Salary and Benefits Summer School After or before school

39 Professional Development Title I SI Sub A 20% Set-Aside

40 Instructional Supplies Provide an explanation in the CCIP History log. Identify strategy that describes the activity in the planning tool.

41 Instructional Supplies Supplemental Materials

42 Capital Outlay Provide an explanation in CCIP History log. Identify strategy that describes the activity in the planning tool.

43 Examples of Unallowable Title I Purchases Materials that do not directly relate to core subject areas No food, snacks, or refreshments of any kind

44 Child Nutrition Programs

45 Where can I find information about expanded learning time?

46 Contact Office of Federal Programs Consultants Ray Draghi (614) 466-4161 Your district’s consultant CCIP Address Book

47 Questions?


49 Follow Superintendent Ross on Twitter

50 Social Media @OHEducation ohio-department-of-education Ohio Families and Education Ohio Teachers’ Homeroom OhioEdDept

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