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Schoolwide Programs (SWP) NCLB Regional Meetings April 2010.

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1 Schoolwide Programs (SWP) NCLB Regional Meetings April 2010

2 Basic Facts A school is eligible if at least 40% of the students are from low-income families for the initial year of the SWP SWP programs can combine Title I with other federal, state, and local funds to serve all students in the school These funds are then used for schoolwide reform strategies that increase the amount and quality of learning time and provide an enriched and accelerated curriculum

3 TAS or SWP TAS Employs Title IA staff to work only with students identified on multiple measures SWP No distinctions are made between staff paid with Title IA and those who are not. All staff direct their efforts toward upgrading the entire educational program, particularly those who are most at risk

4 TAS or SWP TAS Funds are used for supplemental instructional services The focus is on targeted students SWP Funds are used to supplement the instructional program The focus is on school reform

5 SWP Rationale Evidence documents high achievement in schools with the following components: A clear focus High expectations for students/staff Environment focused on learning Strong leadership Curriculum, instruction, assessment aligned with standards High-quality professional development A collaborative spirit and collaborative structures Meaningful parental involvement A commitment to continuous review and improvement

6 Schoolwide Programs Allow the consolidation/blending of funds Becomes the catalyst and/or supports comprehensive reform of the entire instructional program Eases regulations as long as the intent and purposes of the programs are met and that the beneficiaries needs have been met

7 SWP Planning Requires a year of planning Requires a plan to be approved by the SAU and submitted to the NCLB Clearinghouse where it is reviewed for completeness Plans must be evaluated yearly and adjusted accordingly Plans end when ESEA is reauthorized (expected in 2010-2011)

8 Your Decision is to go Schoolwide Title I schools must develop a comprehensive plan that describes how the school will be improved academically so that all students attain proficiency, especially those students farthest away from this measure. It can be linked to other planning but must include all components required for schoolwide programs.

9 Elements of the Plan Planning Team Comprehensive Needs Assessment Instructional ProgramGoals with specific instructional/organizational changes Professional Development Parental Involvement Accountability On-Going Program Development Fiscal Requirements Coordination Technical Assistance Evaluation and Re-Evaluation

10 Planning Team Leads the process of developing the plan for reform Organizes and oversees the needs assessment process Represents wide representation Communicates with the groups they represent Conducts/oversees the programs evaluation Has the authority to implement decisions Documents the process

11 Needs Assessment What do you know about student achievement in the school? What are the data sources used? Who did you involve? What else do you know? Think BIG---What are the strengths and weaknesses of the school

12 Instructional Program Use the data from the needs assessment to determine goals Describe the specific supplemental intervention/strategies you will use to address the weaknesses and build on the strengths What will be provided for the students who are the farthest behind How will the SAU support the SWP implementation

13 Professional Development Are all staff highly qualified? Have all staff been included in decisions and ready to support the changes? What support will staff need to implement the programs/instruction selected?

14 Parental Involvement Describe how parents were kept informed throughout the SWP process and evaluation How were the schools Parental Involvement Policy and Parent Compacts are updated, distributed, etc Describe other supports for parents such as family literacy

15 Accountability How will progress be measured, including AYP and progress toward meeting the goals identified from your needs assessment. How will results be used? How will the results of the evaluation be distributed to parents?

16 On-Going Program Development How often will the planning team meet? Did you plan include implementation benchmarks? For example, did professional development take place? Was there follow up to determine that new programs have been implemented? Did the materials arrive? Is the staff comfortable that they have what is needed to implement new or expanded programs? Is follow-up needed? How and when will adjustments be made

17 Fiscal Requirement What other funds will support the SWP school? Document that the SWP has adequate funds to effectively carry out the activities described in the SWP Plan These funds are more flexible but still need to be supplemental.

18 Technical Assistance It is required that the SWP plan includes high quality technical assistance Provide a list of providers who have contributed to the development of the plan Document dates, topics, decisions, attendees, minutes, etc

19 Evaluation and Re-Evaluation Include a description of how goals will be evaluatedwere the expectations met? When will this take place? How will the results be reported to schools staff/district administration/parents, etc? What changes will be made? When will you take another look?

20 Making it Happen SWP Planning Tool IssueGoalStrategyTimelinePerson Responsible Resources needed

21 Bottom Line Develop a SWP plan that: Creates an environment of whole school reform vs. same services renamed; Is subject to continuous review and revision; Uses all SWP components as a framework; and Has a focus on supporting the needs and raising the achievement of the most at-risk students.

22 Resources Designing Schoolwide Programs/Non- regulatory guidance gswpguid.doc Maine Schoolwide Plan Document/Guidance wide/documents/swpformjgrevised.doc

23 Resources Assessment Continuum of Schoolwide Improvement Outcomes New England Comprehensive Assistance CenterA few copies are still available. Contact Steve Hamilton at

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