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Plant and Animal Systems

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1 Plant and Animal Systems
Unit 5

2 Organism Any living thing Example: plant, animal

3 Nutrient A food that helps living things grow and stay healthy

4 Food Pyramid A diagram showing the number of servings of foods to eat each day from breads, vegetables, fruit, milk, meat, and fats

5 Digestive System The system which breaks down food for use by the body
Organs include the stomach, large and small intestine, liver

6 Small Intestine An organ in the digestive system where food moves into tiny blood vessels to be carried to the rest of the body

7 Large Intestine An organ in the digestive system where water is removed from food that can’t be broken down

8 Skeletal System The system which supports your body, gives it shape, and protects organs. Made of bones

9 Mammal An animal with hair or fur whose young are fed milk by the mother Example: cat, horse, monkey, skunk

10 Bird An animal with wings, feathers, and hollow bones.
Example: duck, pelican, blue jay, owl

11 Amphibian An animal that begins life in water and then lives on land as an adult. Example: frogs, toads, salamanders

12 Reptile An animal that has dry scaly skin and lives mostly in dry areas. Examples: snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and lizards

13 Fish An animal that lives in water, breathes with gills, and has fins and scales. Example: perch, bass, sharks, sea horses

14 Insect Animals that have 6 legs, 3 main body parts ( head, abdomen, thorax), and compound eyes. Example: fly, mosquito, and bee

15 Life Cycle The time between the birth and death of an organism.
All the stages of growth an organism goes through in its life.

16 Root The part of the plant that absorbs water and nutrients from the soil. Also helps to anchor the plant in the ground

17 Stem The part of a plant that moves food, water, and minerals through tubes to the rest of the plant. Also helps to support the plant

18 Flower The reproductive part of a plant.
Contains seed which make new plants.

19 Seed A structure that contains a new young plant.
When it sprouts it is called a seedling (baby plant)

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