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Belly Picture.

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1 Belly Picture

2 Before Labor – What to look for:
Braxton-Hicks Contractions (false labor) Energy spurts 1-2 days before Increase vaginal mucus Loose stool, diarhea Lightening (2-4 week before)

3 Labor Starting Loss of mucus plug- seals cervix to prevent bacteria from entering uterus. Blood or a pink stain occurs when it dissolves. Water breaks- amniotic sac holding amniotic fluid ruptures or “breaks” Contractions begin

4 First Stage of Labor Longest Stage Contractions
60 seconds/ 5-6 minutes apart Effacement –cervix becomes paper thin Cervix must dilate to 10 cm (4inches)

5 Early Labor Phase Duration will last about 8-12 hours
Your cervix dilate to 3 cm Contractions will last about seconds, minutes of rest in between contractions Contractions may feel like aching in your lower back, menstrual cramps, and pressure or tightening in the pelvis area

6 Active Labor Phase Duration will last about 3-5 hours
Your cervix will dilate from 3cm to 7cm Contractions about seconds with 3-5 minutes rest in between (This is usually the time that you head to the hospital)

7 Transition Phase 30 min-2 hrs
It becomes fully dilated. Your cervix will dilate from 7cm to 10cm. (4 inches) Contractions about seconds with a 30 second-2 minute rest in between This is the hardest phase but thankfully the shortest. You may experience hot flashes, chills, nausea, vomiting, or gas

8 Second Stage – Delivery of the baby
Baby’s head appears at opening of birth canal. Contractions move baby out Can be 3 minutes to 3 hours Pelvis and vagina stretches due to hormones (Relaxin)


10 Episiotomy Cutting the perineum, to prevent the vagina from tearing.

11 Forceps Specialized tongs, molded to fit baby’s head.
Helps baby to emerge more quickly or slowly

12 Breech-Baby is buttocks or feet first
Dr. Attempt to shift its position by applying pressure to your abdominal wall. Most circumstances, it's considered safer to deliver a breech baby by c-section.

13 3rd Stage of Labor Delivery of the placenta 10-30 minutes

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