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By Bella, Allie, Sean, Wyatt, and Haley

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1 By Bella, Allie, Sean, Wyatt, and Haley
Flat Stanley By Bella, Allie, Sean, Wyatt, and Haley

2 Chapter 1 The Big Bulletin Board
First a big bulletin board fell on Stanley in the the middle of the night. Then when they lifted the board Stanley was flat. Stanley didn’t feel a thing. Then they took Stanley to the doctor. Then then they measured how tall he was how thick he was and how tall he was.

3 Chapter 2 Being flat He took a walk with his mom.
She dropped her ring down the grating He got lowered him to get it. He got it from the grating. He wanted to go see his friend. But he had to go in a envelope. His friend was in California. He had a sandwich in the envelope. Two poilice men said she was crazy. They where sierprized when she pulled him up.

4 Chapter 3 Stanley the kite
Arthur was gelus and tried to make himself flat. Arthur was flying Stanley like a kite and he got stuck in the tree. Arthur ran off and no won was there. Finally Arthur came back and got him. The boys were mad at each other. Mrs.Lamchop was mad at the boys.

5 Chapter 4 the museum Thieves
Mr.Dart was the director of the famous art museum close to Stanley. Stanley found out why Mr.Dart was not acting like normal. Some pictures had been stolen. The ploice couldn’t help! The sneak thieves were stealing the paintings. Stanley got dressed up as a picture of a sheep girl and caught the thieves. He got lots of metles.

6 Chapter 5 –Arthur’s Good idea
First Stanley was famous. Next Stanley didn’t like being flat because people were making fun of him because of his shape. Next Stanley was crying in his bed and Arther came in his bedroom and talked to him. Then Arther pumped Stanley up and made him normal. Last Their parents came in and talked to him. Last, they had hot chocolate and cookies.

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