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Sc-Scandium By :Leighann Pitts. Sc Atomic number: 45 Atomic mass: 21 Symbol is SC.

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1 Sc-Scandium By :Leighann Pitts

2 Sc Atomic number: 45 Atomic mass: 21 Symbol is SC

3 Sc Scandium is a metal. What group is found in on the periodic table? (metals, none metals, metalloids)

4 Who discovered scandium?, and when? Lars Fredrik Nilson, is the person who discovered scandium. Scandium was discovered in 1879

5 What is the Etymological origin? How did it get its chemical symbol? The Etymological origin: Named from Latin "Scandia", means "Scandinavia"; formerly Eka- boron The chemical symbol: it got its chemical symbol from Nilson in 1879 announced the discovery of "ekaboron." He suggested the name scandium, in honor of Scandinavia, the region in which Nilson' homeland of Sweden is located.

6 2 Compounds where it commonly exist(formula, and name)?, 2 common uses of Element 2 compound for scandium is: Scandium oxide (or Discandium trioxide) - Sc 2 O 3 Scandium sulphide (or discandium trisulphide): Sc 2 S 3 2 common uses for scandium: Used as a tracer in studies of oil wells and pipelines.

7 Appearance Scandium is a metal found in rare minerals.

8 Where is it commonly found? Is it natural or man made? Scandium is found in rare minerals, which are found in Scandinavia and Madagascar. These rare minerals include: thortveitite, euxenite, and gadolinite. It can be found on earth the sun and stars. Scandium is a natural substance.

9 Boiling point,Melting point, density, ect) Boiling Point: 3104°K, 2831°C, 5128°F Melting Point: 1812°K, 1539°C, 2802°F Density: 2.99 g/cm 3, 300°K Atomic Numbe 21 Atomic Weight: 44.955910 Family: Transition Metals CAS RN: 7440-20-2 Description: Soft silvery white metal that tarnishes in air and burns easily once ignited. State (25 ° C): Solid Oxidation states: +3 Molar Volume: 15.04 cm 3 /mole Valence Electrons: 3d 1 4s 2 Electrons Energy Level: 2, 8, 9, 2 Isotopes: 17 + 1 Stable Heat of Vaporization: 314.2 kJ/mol Heat of Fusion: 14.1 kJ/mol Specific Heat: 0.6 J/g°K Atomic Radius: 2.09Å Ionic Radius: 0.745Å Electronegativity: 1.36 (Pauling); 1.2 (Allrod Rochow) Vapor Pressure: 22.1 Pa @ 1539°C

10 What is the state of matter? 2 chemical properties,and how it reacts to other elements -Scandium s state of matter is a solid/metal -scandium is a silvery-white metal which develops a slightly yellowish or pinkish cast upon exposure to air

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