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Welcome To Our Open House Mrs. Musick Mrs. Bicknell.

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1 Welcome To Our Open House Mrs. Musick Mrs. Bicknell

2 Teaches Reading, Writing, Social Studies. It is critical that students have a book to read independently every day in class. Students will check books out from our classroom library or the Metzler library. Students will take books home to read at night and will bring the book to class the next day. Students will keep all materials in class.

3 Writer’s Workshop – Writing STAAR test April 1 and April 2, 2014 Reader’s Workshop – Reading STAAR test April 23, 2014 Social Studies – Texas History

4 Also known as Kidbiz. Students need to complete at least 2 articles a week. Goal is to complete 40. Can do at home or at school Increases comprehension of non-fiction

5 Mrs. Musick Teaches math and science. It is critical to your child’s success that he/she memorize the multiplication facts up through the 12s. Homework: Each Monday a sheet will be sent home with 8 problems. This is due on Friday.

6 Homework – continued Additional homework may be assigned when needed.

7 Math STAAR test April 22, 2014 Math Interactive Notebook Important topics for 4th grade: Decimals Multiplication (Please practice at home daily.) Long Division Elapsed Time Problem Solving Geometry Measurement Fractions Place Value Don’t forget about the homework!

8 Lab safety and procedures Matter Weather Oceans Soil Forces and Motion Animal Adaptations 50% Hands-On/ Field Experiences

9 Grading Guidelines All subjects are 50% major grades and 50% minor grades. Major grades can include tests, projects, and participation grades. Minor grades can include daily work, notebook and participation grades.

10 Wednesday Folders 1.One folder per child. 2. A check in the Academics Satisfactory box means your child had no grades below a 75. If the grade is below a 75, it will be written next to the subject. 3.An E, S, N, or U will be written in both the Work Habits and Conduct sections. Areas needing improvement will be indicated by check marks in those areas.

11 Wednesday Folders 1.Please take the time to go over the Wednesday Folder with your child. 2.Please SIGN and return the Wednesday Folder the next day. 3.Please keep all papers at home unless they need to be returned. 4.Mrs. Musick’s and Mrs. Bicknell’s contact information can be found on the Wednesday folder sheet or campus website.

12 WHO:Every Student WHAT:A report showing your child’s current grades. WHEN:5 th Week of each nine-weeks WHY:To keep you informed of how your child is doing. *Please sign and return in the Wednesday Folder

13 Early Intervention When we notice a student is lacking a skill, early intervention is a must! Small groups, one on one First bell is at 7:50. The earlier your child is here, the more help they can receive (small group, if needed). Also, your child will finish their morning work and be off to a good start, without rushing and being behind.

14 It is very important that your child come to school every day (unless of course they are sick). Please call the front office if they are going to be absent (or they will call you). Please send a note. It is also important not to be tardy. Early Dismissals

15 We always greet our students in the morning. We want to start the day off right! Good behavior: Traces Treats and Husky Hugs Behavior management: Clip chart Give Me Five Boys Town Social Skills

16 *Parent Connection allows you to access your child’s grades, assignments, and attendance via the computer. Please keep in mind that some grades will not be in the grade book right away (compositions, notebook grades, etc.), but we will do our best to post them in a timely manner. *The newsletter will be available through Parent Link. If you would like a hard copy of the newsletter, please let me know. *Iris alerts will send you important messages by way of phone or email. These messages can include school closures, upcoming or rescheduled events, etc.

17 Student Portfolios *Every student will have a binder. Inside we will keep student goals, benchmarks, compositions, etc.

18 Please make sure you replenish your child’s school supplies as they need them. Pencils Red Pens Dry Erase Markers Crayons Glue Sticks *Your child must have a planner with them in class daily. * If your child is missing any necessary supplies, this keeps them from doing their best at school. It may be reflected on report card as “not being prepared” for school.

19 Please take the time to review the KISD Elementary Handbook.


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