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Superintendents Quarterly Meeting March 13, 2009.

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1 Superintendents Quarterly Meeting March 13, 2009



4 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Dr. June S. Atkinson State Superintendent March 13, 2009

5 Guiding Principles Deliver funds quickly Save and create jobs Ensure transparency and accountability Advance reforms

6 North Carolina Direct Allocations Title I-A$258 m IDEA, Part B$314 m

7 North Carolina Direct Allocations Title 1 (School Improvement) $76 m IDEA, Part C $13 m IDEA, Preschool $12 m Education Technology$16 m School Lunch Equipment $2.8 m Homeless Education$1.3 m

8 North Carolina Direct Allocations State Stabilization Fund $1.2 b

9 Progress Toward Four Reforms Rigorous standards and quality assessments Data systems Teacher effectiveness and equitable distribution Intensive support and effective interventions

10 Existing Appropriation Streams 1. Education for the Disadvantaged Part 1 and 2: Title 1-A Targeted Grants and Education Finance Incentive Grants Part 3: School Improvement Grants

11 Title I, Part A Some possible uses Instructional leaders Intensive, year-long teacher training for teachers and principals Early childhood education High-quality, online courseware

12 Title I, Part A (continued) Some possible uses Professional development on use of data Sustainable extended learning before school, after school, during the summer, or over an extended school year

13 Existing Appropriation Streams 2. Students with Disabilities Part 1: IDEA, Part B Part 2: IDEA Preschool Grants under Part B Part 3: Part C, IDEA – Infant and Toddlers

14 IDEA, Part B Some possible uses Assistive technology devices Professional development Availability of placement options Transition coordinators

15 Title I, Part A & IDEA, Part B End of March 50 percent No new application

16 Title I and IDEA Remainder of funds available July 1-September 30, 2009 Additional information required

17 Other Existing Funding Streams IDEA, Part C 50% Impact Aid Construction 40% Education for Homeless 100%

18 Fall 2009 (formula) Title I School Improvement Education Technology State Grants

19 State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF) Public early learning, K-12, higher education (81.8%) Education, public safety, and other government services (18.2%)

20 81.8% Funds Salaries to avoid lay off of teachers and other employees Modernization, renovation, repair –early childhood –green buildings

21 SFSF Requirements Assurances Baseline data Basic fund use

22 81.8% Funds Any activity authorized by ESEA IDEA Carl D. Perkins CTE Act Adult Education and Family Literacy Act

23 SFSF Provisions Governor 67 percent available – March 31 Streamlined state application Two-week turnaround

24 1.Basic Stabilization Funds Grant Application Assurances Maintenance of state effort Teacher effectiveness and distribution Data systems Academic assessments Standards School improvement

25 2. Incentive Grants Governor must submit application to the Secretary of Education; some items are -States status in each area addressed in the assurances -Achievement and graduation rates -How grant will be used to improve student academic achievement

26 Competitive Grant Process (Fall 2009) Teacher Incentive Fund Teacher Quality Enhancement Statewide Data Systems

27 $5 Billion InnovationRace to the Top

28 Race to the Top (Fall 2009, Spring 2010)

29 Invest in What Works and Innovation $650 Million Competitive Districts and non-profit groups Strong track record of results

30 3. Local Innovation Fund Direct grants to LEAs or partnerships

31 3. Local Innovation Fund Uses Significantly closing achievement gaps or increasing student achievement Exceeding the states measurable objectives for performance on state assessments Significant improvements in other areas such as graduation rate Demonstrated established partnerships

32 Accountability

33 A ccountability and Transparency Detailed description of uses of funds Quarterly reportsfinancial and program outcomes/results Estimated number of jobs created and retained Compliance of subcontracts and subgrants Note: All reports on

34 Accountability Jobs saved or created Use of funds States progress in areas covered by application assurances

35 Disrupting Class (Clay Christenson, 2007) Leading the Revolution (Gary Hamels, 2000) Its Being Done (Karin Chenoweth, 2007) Whatever It Takes (Paul Tough, 2008)

36 From…

37 To…

38 School-Wide system of support for student achievement should look like this: Intensive Intervention 5% Strategic Interventions 15% Core Curriculum 80%

39 Failure Flight Fight

40 Questions???

41 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Dr. June S. Atkinson State Superintendent March 13, 2009

42 Superintendents Quarterly Meeting March 13, 2009

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