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Activity 58 Read page D-29.

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1 Activity 58 Read page D-29

2 Activity 58 Title: Follow the Energy
Problem: Can you follow the transforming energy? Initial Thoughts:

3 On a separate piece of paper write the title: Introduction to Activity 58
Copy These Lists Down List 1 List 2 List 3 Roller coaster Absorb Potential Energy Gravitational Potential Energy Release The Law of Conservation of Energy Transformation Energy Energy Transfer Chemical Energy Interaction Energy Transformation Kinetic Energy Height Efficiency Cross out the word or phrase that does not belong. Circle the word or phrase that includes the others on the list. Note: There may be more than one correct answer to a single word sort.

4 Law of Conservation of Energy
List 1 Roller coaster Gravitational Potential Energy Transformation Chemical Energy Kinetic Energy Why does this work?

5 Law of Conservation of Energy
List 2 Absorb Release Energy Interaction Height Why does this work?

6 Law of Conservation of Energy
List 3 Potential Energy The Law of Conservation of Energy Energy Transfer Energy Transformation Efficiency Why does this work?



9 Activity 58 Introduction: Energy is never created or destroyed. It is possible to follow energy transfer through many transformations. Most of earth’s energy can be traced back to the Sun which emits electromagnetic energy (light).

10 Energy Cards Each Pair will get 2 Cards  as you finish with each card, pass it to the right until the teacher tells you to stop. We will share our answers as a class.

11 Event number List of energy types before transformation List of energy types after transformation Sentence(s) describing the transformation 8 (water fall) Gravitational Potential Energy Water falling over the dam loses gravitational potential energy and gains kinetic energy, until at the bottom it has been transformed into kinetic and some sound energy. Kinetic (motion, sound)







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