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ForcesPressureMotion Equations and Formulas Misc. 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy.

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1 ForcesPressureMotion Equations and Formulas Misc Final Jeopardy

2 Forces for 100 In a game of tug-of-war, you pull on a rope with a force of 100 N to the right and your friend pulls on the rope with a force of 100 N to the left. What is the net force on the rope? 0 Newtons BACK

3 Forces for 200 Force BACK Something that starts, stops, slows down, or speeds up the motion of an object, and/or changes the direction of the objects motion?

4 Forces for 300 A force of 25N is required to move a box. If you wanted to increase the speed without changing force, what could you do to the mass? Decrease mass BACK

5 If you want to make a surface less slippery, would you increase friction or decrease friction? Increase Friction. Forces for 400 BACK

6 9.8m/s/s Forces for 500 BACK An object has a mass of 5.1kg and is falling with force of 50N. What is the objects acceleration?

7 A student has two containers. Container A holds 1 liter of liquid. Container B holds two liters of liquid. Both containers are filled with same liquid. Are the densities of the two liquids equal or unequal? Equal Pressure for 100 BACK

8 The density of a substance is 5 g/mL and its volume is 200mL. What is its mass? 1000g Pressure for 200 BACK

9 Pressure for 300 BACK Which liquid in the container has the smallest density? Liquid A BACK

10 Pressure for 400 BACK There two marbles of the same size, weight and density, yet one sinks in its container of liquid and the other floats in its container. Which of these describes the density of the different liquids? The liquid in container A has a greater density BACK Both marbles have the same weight, but they are in different types of liquid. Container A Container B

11 What is the density of a block of wood that has a mass of 12g and has a length of 1cm, a width 2 cm and a height of 3 cm? 2g/cm³ pressure for 500 BACK

12 Motion for 100 Velocity is speed with___________. direction BACK

13 Motion for 200 A car goes from 0m/s to 50m/s in 2 seconds. What is the cars acceleration? a = fv-bv/t = 50m/s – 0m/s/ 2s = 25m/s/s BACK

14 Foward Motion 300 BACK A passenger walks towards the rear of a moving train. What is her motion in relation to the ground if the train is moving faster than she is walking?

15 Motion 400 What are the three types of acceleration? Speeding up, slowing down and changing direction. BACK

16 Calculate Slope from 1-2 seconds, 2-3 seconds and from 5-6 seconds 1-2s = 2m/s; 2-3s = 3m/s, 5-6s = 2m/s Motion 500 BACK

17 Equations and Formulas for 100 If a question on the final gives you the mass and the acceleration and asks for what the force is, what equation do you use? force=mass x acceleration BACK

18 Equations and Formulas for 200 time= distance ÷ speed BACK If a question on the final gives you the speed and the distance and asks for what the time is, what equation do you use?

19 If a question on the final gives you force and area and asks for pressure what equation do you use? Pressure=force÷area Equations and Formulas for 300 BACK

20 Equations and Formulas 400 What are the units for Force N BACK

21 Equations and Formulas 500 BACK What are the units for acceleration? m/s/s

22 Miscellaneous for 100 Why is there less gravity on the moon? It is smaller than Earth BACK

23 Miscellaneous for 200 What are the two factors that cause us to be in the Suns gravity field and not Plutos? Mass and Distance BACK

24 Weight on Earth is called what? gravity Miscellaneous for 300 BACK

25 Miscellaneous 400 The force of gravity depends on Mass and distance BACK

26 A person traveling in a car that stops suddenly keeps moving forward due to Inertia and momentum Miscellaneous for 500 BACK

27 Final Jeopardy A ladybug is creeping down a sidewalk at 1 m/s. Sometime later, its speeding at 5 m/s. This could have happened if the lady bug accelerated at 1 m/s/s for 4 seconds. Is this the only way that the increase in speed could have happened? Explain. possibilities: 1 m/s/s for 4 s, 2 m/s/s for 2 s, 4 m/s/s for 1 s BACK

28 Congratulations! Thank you for playing Jeopardy

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