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Chapter 4 - Minerals.

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1 Chapter 4 - Minerals

2 Mineral - definition Naturally occurring Inorganic Solid
Specific chemical composition Definite crystalline structure

3 Mineral Systems If space is not restricted, a mineral will exhibit a crystal pattern with a definite number of sides and specific angles.

4 Mineral Identification
Hardness – the ability to resist scratching; ranges from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest)

5 Mineral Identification
Streak _________ – the color of the powdered form of a mineral

6 Mineral Identification
_________– the way a mineral reflects light In our class we will use three terms: _______– not reflecting light well _______ – reflects like water or glass ________– reflects like a metal Luster dull glassy metallic

7 Mineral Identification
Cleavage (flat surfaces) or Fracture (no flat surfaces) – the way a mineral __________ breaks

8 Review color luster texture streak hardness cleavage fracture
specific gravity

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