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C ACFP INFANT JeoParDy! Baby Foods Commercially prepared baby foods - whats really creditable.

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3 Baby Foods Commercially prepared baby foods - whats really creditable

4 Through the Year The infant meal pattern

5 Breast Milk Potpourri of breast milk information

6 Infant Feeding Selection Form The form to use to follow parents formula choices

7 Claiming Infants What you must do to claim them

8 Tiny & Toothless anything goes!

9 Baby Foods Through the Year Breast Milk Infant Formula Offer Form Claiming Infants Tiny & Toothless

10 Baby Foods An iron-fortified infant cereal with bananas

11 Baby Foods Water is the first ingredient

12 Baby Foods Combination foods and dinners

13 Baby Foods Meat sticks or finger sticks

14 Baby Foods Cheerios

15 Through the Year The meal consists of iron fortified infant formula and/or breast milk

16 Through the Year Iron fortified infant formula, breast milk or 100% fruit juice

17 Through the Year Crusty breads and crackers


19 Through the Year– 400 DAILY DOUBLE 6 oz Enfamil with iron 2 Tbsp mashed banana 4 Tbsp iron fortified infant cereal - rice

20 Through the Year– 500 When to feed an infant

21 Breast Milk Babies were born to be breastfed

22 Breast Milk Number of months, recommended by WIC, to breastfeed an infant

23 Breast Milk Decreased risk of infections, diarrhea & constipation, allergies, diabetes, childhood obesity & SIDS

24 Breast Milk Clean, rinse, & sanitize surface with ¼ cup of bleach/gallon of water with at least 2 minutes of contact

25 Breast Milk Breast milk provided by parent

26 Infant Formula Offer Form One of these must be on file for each infant

27 Infant Formula Offer Form Centers must offer at least one for all infants

28 Infant Formula Offer Form Breast milk and the house formula

29 Infant Formula Offer Form Needed to feed a specialized or non-iron fortified infant formula

30 Infant Formula Offer Form Regs-Policy Regs-Policy /InfantMeals/FormulaList.htm

31 Claiming Infants – 200 Not offering CACFP to infants in care.

32 Claiming Infants Where you document formula, breast milk, and food served

33 Claiming Infants You must follow it to feed infants

34 Claiming Infants Where to include your infant meal counts on the claim form

35 Claiming Infants When meal counts must be recorded

36 Tiny & Toothless This type of cereal must be served to infants.

37 Tiny & Toothless The number of feedings that may be claimed daily per infant.

38 Tiny & Toothless Homemade baby foods

39 Tiny & Toothless The only grain or bread that is creditable at lunch or supper.

40 Tiny & Toothless Egg white

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