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Measuring Review and Pictures Page 2. 1. Graduated Cylinder.

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1 Measuring Review and Pictures Page 2

2 1. Graduated Cylinder

3 Used for measuring exact amounts of liquid Can be found in many different sizes Commonly used units include milliliters (mL) and liters (L) Meniscus: the curve at the top of the liquid Always measure from the bottom of the meniscus! Always read volume from eye level

4 Graduated Cylinder Practice Task Read and record the volume in graduated cylinder A Pour exactly 15 mL of water from the beaker into the graduated cylinder. Shade in the amount of measured water on graduated cylinder B. Be sure to draw the meniscus.

5 2. Metric Meter Stick

6 Used to measure length, width, or height of an object Commonly used units include centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), and meters (m)

7 Metric Measuring Tape or Meter Stick Our meter sticks are marked off in centimeters. The smallest lines are one millimeter (mm) apart. A meter stick is 1 meter in length. One meter = 10 decameters = 100 centimeters = 1000 millimeters

8 Measuring Tape and Meter Stick Practice Task Mark a vertical line at 5cm, 8cm, 10.5cm, and 12.7 cm on meter stick “A”. Measure the length of your desk (the short side. Round your measurement to the nearest millimeter (mm) Shade in the measured amount on meter stick “B”marked. (Only a portion of the meter stick is shown)

9 3. Triple Beam Balance

10 Triple Beam Balance Used to measure the mass of an object Commonly used units include gram (g), milligram (mg) and kilogram (kg)

11 3. Triple Beam Balance The object to be massed is placed on the pan and the riders on each of the three beams is moved until the pointer line is even with the zero mark. The riders must rest in the notch on the beam.

12 Practice Task for Finding Mass 1.Read the paper balance on your worksheet and record the mass by adding the mass shown on each beam. 2.Mark the location of the riders for a balance holding 451.7 grams. 3.Measure the mass of the Jolly Ranchers. 4.DO NOT remove the objects from the pan until your teacher has checked your measurement.

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