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Chapter What does Jem admit to Scout about his pants?

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1 Chapter 7 40. What does Jem admit to Scout about his pants?
He admits when he returned for his pants that they were untangled from the fence, mended and folded neatly. (p. 58) 41. What do the children find in the tree? What do they do with it? They find a gray ball of twine. They suspect it could belong to one of their classmates. They watch it for three days before they take it. (p )

2 Chapter 7 42. Describe the soap carvings the children find.
The soap carvings resemble the children. They recognize they are being watched. (p. 59) 43. List other items the children find the tree. Pocket watch, spelling bee medal, more gum, a knife (p. 60) 44. What reason does Nathan Radley give for filling the knothole? He says the tree is dying. (p. 63)

3 Chapter 8 45. Why is school canceled? It snows. (p. 64)
46. What do the children do with their time off? They build a snowman. (p. 66) 47. Who does the snowman resemble? Mr. Avery (p. 67)

4 Chapter 8 48. What happens to Mrs. Maudie? Her house burns. (p. 69)
49. Describe the experience of Scout during the fire. During the fire, Boo puts a blanket around Scout’s shoulders. (p. 71)

5 Chapter 8 50. Who does Jem tell about the knothole? What is his reaction? Jem tells Atticus. Atticus says they should keep it to themselves so as not to draw more attention to the Radley’s. (p. 72)

6 Chapter 9 51. Why does Scout fight with Cecil Jacobs?
Cecil calls Atticus names. (p. 74) 52. Who is Tom Robinson and why does Atticus agree to help him? Tom Robinson is a black man accused of raping Mayella Ewell. Atticus defends him because it is the right thing to do. (p. 75)

7 Chapter 9 53. Where does the Finch family go for the Christmas holidays? Finch’s Landing 54. How does Aunt Alexandra criticize Scout? She says she needs to dress and act more feminine. (p. 81)

8 Chapter 9 55. Why does Scout fight with Francis?
Francis calls Atticus names. (p. 81) 56. How does Jack react to the fight with Francis? Jack punishes Scout without listening to the explanation. (p. 84)

9 Chapter 9 57. Describe the conversation that Scout overhears between Atticus and Jack. Scout overhears Atticus saying that there is no way he can save Tom. Tom will be found guilty. This disappoints Scout. (p. 88)

10 Chapter 10 58. What does Mrs. Maudie confess about Atticus?
He is a great shot and an excellent checker player. (p ) 59. Describe Atticus’ speech concerning the mockingbird. Atticus says that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. They are innocent creatures who do nothing but sing for us. (p. 90)

11 Chapter 11 60. Who is Mrs. Dubose?
An old lady who insults Atticus saying he is no better than the trash he defends. (p. 99) 61. How does Jem react to the comments of Mrs. Dubose? He gets angry and takes Scout’s baton and destroys her flowers. (p. 103)

12 Chapter 11 62. What is Jem’s punishment?
He has to read to Mrs. Dubose. (p. 105) 63. Describe Jem and Scout’s time at Mrs. Dubose’s home. After a while of reading to her, Mrs. Dubose begins to have fits. The children are asked to leave. (p )

13 Chapter 11 64. What happens to Mrs. Dubose?
A month after Jem completes his punishment, Mrs. Dubose dies. (p. 110) 65. What secret does Atticus reveal about Mrs. Dubose? Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict. She had been sick for years and she was attempting in her last months to stop taking the medicine. The children were a distraction. (p. 111)

14 Chapter 12 66. Why does Dill not come to Maycomb for the summer?
He has a new father and the new father is going to play games and help him build a fishing boat. (p. 116) 67. Where does Atticus travel? Why? Montgomery. He serves on the state legislature. (p. 116) 68. Where does Calpurnia take the children? First Purchase (p. 118)

15 Chapter 12 69. Describe the experience with Calpurnia. What do the children see? Learn? For the first time, the children experience the African-American community. They recognize the congregation does not have hymnals. Some cannot read and Zeebo, Calpurnia’s son, leads them in song. The congregation takes an offering for Tom’s wife, Helen. (p ) 70. When the children return home, who is waiting for them? Alexandra (p. 126)

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