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THE LIBRARY BOARD Role Responsibilities Rights James C. Seidl Woodlands Library Cooperative 1-800-962-4472

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1 THE LIBRARY BOARD Role Responsibilities Rights James C. Seidl Woodlands Library Cooperative 1-800-962-4472 hal_lm_trusteemanual2004_107173_7. pdf

2 Role To ensure the provision of library service to the community. The Board is officially responsible for the operation of the library.

3 Rights & Responsibilities Know laws that govern your library. Set policy. – Adopt rules and regulations regarding the use of the library. Hire a director to manage the daily operations of the library, and to carry out policies. Discipline or remove a library director. To ensure that adequate funding is provided To develop plans for the delivery of library services.

4 Rights & Responsibilities Adopt bylaws and rules for the Boards governance. Have exclusive control over the building and grounds of the library. Adopt an annual budget. Control the expenditure of all funds credited to the library fund. Develop a policy for the selection of library materials for inclusion in the librarys collection.

5 Setting Policies Board Keep the librarys vision in mind. Keep goals in mind. Remember legal requirements. Keep staff in mind. Adopt policies, keep them up to date by reviewing them periodically. Director The library director usually recommends policies Director administers the library in accordance with adopted policies. Director interprets policies to staff and public.

6 Managing the budget State Aid Penal fines Millage Appropriations Grants Gifts

7 Budget Board Scrutinize budget submitted by Director, make any necessary changes, officially approve budget. Revise as necessary or as major changes take place. Director Prepares budget based on needs Recommends revisions in planned expenditures. Decides on use of money within the budget allotment.

8 Budget Board Director If the library is funded by appropriations, the entire board should appear at budget hearings to interpret librarys financial needs. Contacts legislators State Aid to Libraries The director is present to answer for library administration and financial details. Alerts board to pending legislation which would affect library funding.

9 Public Relations Board Board serves as the connecting link to the community, interpreting one to the other. Upholds all policies adopted by the board. Director Interprets policies to staff and public. Administers library efficiently participates in community activities.

10 Training: Board Allow time at board meetings to study topics of concern to the library. Read Trustees Manual. Attend district, state and national trustee meetings. Join MLA. Attend and send librarian to conferences.

11 Training: Director / staff Attends appropriate workshops and conferences. Provides information for board to study. Helps with orientation of new trustees. Recommends budget allotment for Director & trustee expenses for membership and attendance at meetings.

12 Personnel: Board Provides appropriate personnel policies Employ the best person available as library director. Provide competitive salary and benefits.

13 Personnel: Director Employs and directs all staff. Works for needed improvement in working conditions, salary scale and benefits. Capitalizes on skills and initiative of all staff members.

14 Hiring the director Establish your requirements Advertise Interview Offer the position Supervise the director Evaluate the director, outlined in the Trustees Manual Open Meetings Act, PA 267 of 1976 sections 8(f), MCL 15.268(f).

15 Supervising the director Evaluate the director Goals met or not Interactions with Board Interactions with staff Interactions with patrons Observation

16 Administration of library: Board Has indirect responsibility through adoption of plan, policies, budget and employment of director. Board leaves all matters of actual administration to the director. Keep in touch with librarys progress and problems through Directors reports and use of the library.

17 Administration of library: Director Has full responsibility for administration of the library within the framework of the librarys plan, policies and budget. Reports at each board meeting and in other ways keeps board informed of librarys progress and problems.

18 Board Meetings Conform to the Open Meetings Act. The Director attends all regular and special board meetings.

19 Board Meetings Attend all regular and special board meetings. Arrange to have the Director or a representative of board attend Friends of the library meetings.

20 Board Meetings: Suggested agenda A) Call to order B) approval of agenda C) approval of minutes D) treasurers report E) committee reports F) directors report G) old business H) new business I) public comment J) adjournment

21 Basic Trustee Duties Attend all board meetings. Participate at the meetings. Be a team player. Support board decisions. Be an advocate for the library. Respect the role of the library director. Support the library director.

22 Advocacy & Legislation Be aware of legislative activity Contact your legislators – phone, letter or e-mail Explain effect that legislation has on patrons and their service Encourage legislator to support or oppose proposed legislation

23 23 Board Conflict Board speaks with one voice after a vote First do no harm Encourage open discussion and expression of opinions One-on-ones Exercise discretion Avoid placing anyone on the defensive Attention seekers Controlled environment Feedback Use the chairperson as a facilitator Focus on the agenda Limiting time for speaking Effective committee delegation Creation of new committees

24 24 Survey What was your most important contribution to the Board in the past year? What is your greatest weakness? List one area where you need more information, knowledge or skill in order to meet your own performance expectations.

25 25 Opportunties List one area where you need more information, knowledge or skill in order to meet your own performance expectations.


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