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The Cobbler’s Song A fable by Jean de La Fontaine

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1 The Cobbler’s Song A fable by Jean de La Fontaine
Adapted and illustrated by Marcia Sewall

2 cobbler cob * bler a person who makes or repairs shoes
1. Once upon a time a poor cobbler lived in the basement of a large house in Paris. 2. We dropped off Dad’s old boots so the cobbler could put new soles on them.

3 mended mend * ed repaired
1. But he was happy in his dark little rooms, and he sang all day as he mended old shoes. 2. Dad mended the hole in our tent because we didn’t want to get wet if it rained.

4 recognizing re * cog * niz * ing
identifying people we know or previously saw 1. “What can I do for you?” asked the cobbler, recognizing his neighbor but wondering why so fine a man should enter his little shop. 2. Recognizing that the lady stepping off the bus was our neighbor, we stopped to walk home with her.

5 safekeeping safe * keep * ing
so as to be protected or safe 1. “Where shall I hide it for safekeeping? 2. Mom put the glass ornament in a box filled with tissue for safekeeping.

6 workbench work * bench A strong table used for working
1. First he hid the coins under the covers at the foot of the bed, which he could see from his workbench. 2. When we stepped into the store, the jeweler said hello to us from his workbench.

7 treasure treas * ure items of great value
1. Dinner came, but he could not eat a mouthful because he was afraid someone would steal his treasure while he was at the table! 2. If I found buried treasure, I’d buy a new house.

8 Clues Problems Wonderings

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