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Launching Students into Information Literacy Vik Brown Southern Utah University.

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1 Launching Students into Information Literacy Vik Brown Southern Utah University

2 Information Literacy In this media-drenched era of blogs and podcasts, Google searches and instant messages, young people need to acquire a new set of literacy skills that allows them to locate information, sort through it quickly and most important, determine which sources are reliable and which ones arent. Claudia Wallis Time Dec. 18, 2006

3 LM 1010 Course Description An introduction to the research process and methods for retrieving information. Focuses on developing information literacy skills, selecting relevant sources, and then evaluating, organizing, and citing the information. (Fall, Spring, Summer) 1 credit course

4 LM 1010 Information Literacy Track the evolution of LM 1010 elective live course online course general education requirement cohort class

5 Southern Utah University

6 Facts about SUU Comprehensive, regional university offering graduate, baccalaureate, associate and technical programs. Colleges Business, Education, HSS, Science, CIET, PVA Cedar City, Utah –Salt Lake City 250 miles –Las Vegas 170 miles

7 Facts about SUU Founded in 1897 –Branch Normal School 1897-1913 –Branch Agricultural College 1913-1953 –College of Southern Utah 1953-1969 –Southern Utah State College 1969-1990 –Southern Utah University 1990-

8 Facts about SUU Enrollment –7,029 headcount (+15% in 5 years) –5,580 FTE (+3.8% last year) –1,182 new freshmen 2005 –1,541 other freshmen 2005 –85% Utah residents –ACT average score (20.77 to 21.89 in 5 yrs.)

9 Facts about SUU Library –11 years old--82,418 square feet –Learning Commons 100 computer stations, multimedia lab –1200 study stations –270,000 volumes –22,746 serial titles--UALC –10 librariansfaculty status teaching, scholarly activities, service

10 History of LM 1010 Pre 1998 Live elective course Team taught 1998 Converted live class to online course

11 History of LM 1010 2000 Deans Council approves LM 1010 Information Literacy as a General Education requirement. Converted to WebCT

12 Facts about LM 1010

13 Live orientation 1 or 2 sessions Online course 1: Complete the Skills Survey 2: Read the Syllabus 3: Read - Quiz - Assignment 4: Take the Final Exam 5: Complete the Class Evaluation LM 1010Organization

14 The Course is ALL Online Syllabus and Skills Survey Chapters – Quizzes – Assignments Test-out and Final Exam E-mail, grades, evaluation, etc.

15 Chapters Online text book Printed version available at SUU Bookstore and Library Reserve

16 Quizzes Associated with each chapter. May be taken two times; highest score used.

17 10 multiple choice questions Open book Quizzes

18 Assignments #1 Choose a Research Topic –State as research question –Identify 2 or 3 keywords –Identify alternate keywords –Use truncation –Create two search statements –Test topic in Library Catalog and Academic Search Premier

19 Assignments #2 Find Information –Write research topic question –Find background sourceLibrary catalog or Oxford Reference Online –Find bookLibrary catalog –Find newspaper article ProQuest Newspapers –Find popular magazine article--ASP –Find scholarly journal article--ASP –Find web page

20 Assignments #3 Evaluate information –Scholarly journal article bibliographic information annotation source evaluationauthority, accuracy, currency

21 Assignments #4 Cite information –Prepare MLA Works Cited list from the six sources found on your topic background source book scholarly article popular article newspaper article web page

22 Deadlines

23 Grading Quizzes (4) =40 points Assignments (4) =40 points Final Exam =20 points Total =100 points Minimum passing grade is a C- or 70%.

24 Test Out Exam Past Experience ? Skills Survey ? Open Book Part #1 Basic Information Part #2 Practical application Timed Accept the grade as your final grade or continue and finish the course 2 point bonus for trying!

25 Test Out Exam Fall 2006 413 of 988 students (41.8%) took TO: Part 1. 386 of 988 students (39.2%) took TO: Part 2 305 of 988 students (30.9%) of enrolled students passed Test-Out. 305 of 413 students (73.8%) who took Test-Out passed

26 Test Out Exam % tested% passed Fall 2004 6249 Spring 2005 6052 Fall 2005 4939 Spring 2006 4933 Fall 2006 4940 Spring 2007 4940

27 Student Progress Information Literacy Skills Skills SurveyFinal Exam Background sources 55% to 88% Current information 79% to 94% Scholarly MLA format 16% to 73% Book call number 82% to 91% On line catalog 84% to 88%

28 Boolean search 92% to 100% Primary source 32% to 73% Scholarly characteristics 66% to 82% Authority 76% to 88% Citing 87% to 91% Student Progress Information Literacy Skills

29 History of LM 1010 2003 Deans council approves UNIV 1000 First Year Seminar as a General education requirement.

30 Univ 1000 Student Success Center adjust to college life select college courses identify academic and career options academic advisement free tutoring testing information & registration for testing

31 Univ 1000 Student Success Center Director Six academic advisors Testing coordinator Developmental math coordinator Tutoring coordinator

32 UNIV 1000 First Year Seminar The First Year Seminar connects students with faculty, staff, and other students and the University community. is designed to help launch students university careers successfully and to equip students with the tools and abilities that will increase their career and academic skills. Co-requisite: LM1010 (Fall, Spring)

33 University Orientation Offered at a variety of times during summer and before spring semester, Orientation provides academic advisement, social activities and events to introduce students to SUU. Acquaints students with the services, facilities, opportunities and responsibilities. Required of all first-time freshmen. UNIV 1010

34 History of LM 1010 2004 LM1010 and UNIV1000 are cohorted (25 students) concurrently.

35 UNIV 1000 General info Increase student retention rate Required for students with fewer than 30 credit hours 45 sections Fall Semester 2006 Taught by advisors (6), librarians, faculty

36 UNIV 1000 Topics Time awareness and planning Cornell note-taking and self-testing Study smarter rather than harder Language power Outlining reading material Test taking Stereotypes and prejudice

37 UNIV 1000 Objectives Wellness Improve concentration (lectures and reading) Study smarter rather than harder Read actively and improve memory Think about thinking Critical thinking

38 UNIV 1000 Objectives Connect with support systems campus and community Develop socially and professionally -- attend FASSST Week Workshops Improve citizenship Demonstrate mastery in habits

39 UNIV 1000 Grading Attendance and participation 25% of grade More than 2 unexcused absences could cause failure Reading 25% of grade Your College Experience Gardiner and Jewel Read 100 pagesshow active reading FAAST Week 25% of grade Attend advisement workshop Attend one professional/personal development workshop Final 25% of grade Reflection paper

40 History of LM 1010 2005 LM1010 and UNIV1000 are cohorted and taught concurrently. Cohorted with another general education course. Continue to teach non-cohort course.

41 History of LM 1010/Univ 1000 2006 200+ students in non-cohort courses 1000 students taught in cohorted courses of 25 students First eight weeksUniv 1000 meet twice a week general session seminar session Last seven weeksLM 1010 orientation Companion class (general ed)

42 Companion Course English, history, biology, political science, etc. Use for applying reading, study and note taking skills. Select research topic for LM 1010 from companion course. Information literacy skills support companion course assignments.

43 History of LM 1010/Univ 1000 2007 1000 students taught in cohorted courses of 25 students First four weeksUniv 1000 meet twice a week general session seminar sessionincorporate library research Week 5--LM 1010 orientation Companion class (general ed)incorporate research


45 Plagiarism All assignment #4s reviewed –Paper file 3% plagiarism rate –Subscribed to plagiarism rate

46 Retention 1999 54% 1 st year retention 2004 60% 2006 64%

47 Failure Rate Grade distributionFall 2006 –As28% –Bs36% –Cs18% –Ds3% –Fs16% (9% campus g. e. average) Initial orientation sessions Emails sent Workshops

48 Integration of Courses UNIV 1000/LM 1010 Research component Expand seminar sessions

49 Any Questions? Vik Brown 435-586-1564

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