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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Generating New Value for Conservation.

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1 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Generating New Value for Conservation

2 Promote the conservation of fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats by attracting diverse investments, encouraging public and private collaboration, and funding stewardship of natural resources. ~ NFWF Mission Statement

3 Who We Are Created by Congress in 1984 Independent, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization Authorized in law to receive federal funds Six regional offices Administrative expenses very low No lobbying, advocacy, litigation Fundraise to meet majority of operation expenses

4 Funding Sources 13 Federal Agencies - $35 million/year Numerous Corporate Partnerships Private Foundations and Individuals Special Funds – many are court ordered settlement funds, some are plea agreements - 96 separate accounts

5 Grant Investments, 1984-2004 7,273 grants $305.1 million federal funds invested $613.7 in corporate and non-federal match $918.8 million total grant impact Over 2,600 partners and grantees $3 return for every $1 invested Over 17.4 million acres of habitat restored/acquired

6 Two Partnerships for Wetland Conservation - Shell Marine Habitat Program: Corporate Partnership in the Gulf of Mexico – 7 year, $7 million investment by Shell Chesapeake Small Watershed Grant Program: Multi-Agency partnership in the Chesapeake Bay – 5 year, $11.3 million investment by 5 Federal Agencies

7 Shell Marine Habitat Program 1998 – Present – 7 year investment Over $5 million obligated to date $1 million in matching funds from Foundation Over $12 million in grantee match $18 million total grant impact 3.6:1 match ratio Grant range: $10,000 - $200,000

8 On the Ground Results 104 projects approved by Shell and Foundation Restoration of over 130,000 acres of wildlife habitat Permanent protection of over 31,000 acres 26,000 students involved in hands-on education Over 60,000 people educated through information programs

9 Project Examples $200,000 to Mississippi River Basin Alliance for 5 year effort to reduce nutrients flowing into Gulf $120,000 to U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development for 4 years of restoring forested wetlands in Mississippi valley $100,000 to Alabama Dept. of Conservation to restore freshwater wetlands in Mobile- Tensaw delta $40,000 to Galveston Bay Foundation for Volunteer driven Marsh Restoration

10 Volunteers and Galveston Bay U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Photos

11 Chesapeake Small Watershed Grant Program Partnership involving EPA, NOAA, FS, NRCS, OSM – leverages federal investment with other sources, including private 5 year, $11.3 million investment $27 million from other project contributions $38 million total investment 3.4:1 match ratio Grant range: $5,000 - $100,000

12 On the Ground Results 350 projects approved by 12 agency partners Protection of 37,000 acres of habitat Restoration of 4,400 acres of wetlands Restoration of 2,500 acres of coastal habitat Restoration and enhancement of 230 miles of riparian buffer Creation of 138 acres of oyster reef

13 Project Examples $100,000 to Ducks Unlimited to restore 400 acres of salt marsh in Cambridge MD $100,000 to Antietam Watershed Association for Stream Restoration in Hagerstown MD $20,000 to Town of Luray for Trout Fishery Restoration in Page County VA $100,000 over 2 years for restoration of Paradise Creek in Portsmouth VA

14 Wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Photos – Craig Koppie

15 Other Wetland Restoration Programs Pinellas County Fund, $2m/year, 4 years Puget Sound Salmon Program, $2m/year, 5 years Delaware Bay Program, $1.1m/year, 2 years Long Island Sound Program, $1m/year, in first year NOAA North Gulf Coast Initiative, $150,000, in first year

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