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OVERVIEW OF TELEHEALTH TVHS Dr. David A Baker, MD, MBA Clinical Informatics Officer TVHS

2 WHAT is Telehealth Telecommunications and videoconferencing
HT – Home Telehealth CVT – Clinical Video Telehealth S&F – Store and Forward images MHV - My HealtheVet Patient Portal Video to Home – coming

3 WHY - Telehealth Telehealth in VA helps ensure veteran patients get the right care in the right place at the right time. Easier access to CARE Travel time and cost, convenience Decrease barriers to CARE Increase efficiency of CARE Patient Demand Some Veterans live many miles from a VA medical center, making visits to the doctor an all-day event Others with chronic conditions require constant monitoring, but opt to stay at home rather than in the hospital.

4 Home Telehealth Not Home Health
Telehealth Equipment/Nursing/case management Ability to monitor veterans with chronic diseases (COPD, DM, HTN, PTSD, CHF, Depression) MOVE (Weight management)

5 WHO - Home Telehealth Patients at higher risk Need for more frequent biometric monitoring Distance/travel problems Medication compliance issues Educational gaps

6 Disease Management Protocols
Diabetes Heart Failure COPD CAD Hypertension Depression PTSD Substance Use Disorder Weight Management Future DMP's are under consideration or development ( SCI, smoking cessation, chronic kidney disease hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, palliative care, mild TBI, dementia)

7 Health Buddy

8 CVT – Clinical Video Telehealth
Local – Go to the local VA Clinic Connect to a Provider miles away Use videoconferencing equipment Great for education Preventive Health/MOVE – weight management Nutrition Diabetic Education Excellent for many Mental Health Groups and Individual clinics

9 CVT – Clinical Video Telehealth
Medication Management Pharm D Pain meds Lipids/cholesterol Diabetic meds

10 CVT – Clinical Video Telehealth
Almost same as a face to face exam but NOT Not always a substitute for an in person visit More difficult for some specialty services needing a hands on physical exam

11 CVT - Telehealth Education Mental Health Medication Management
Heart Failure Motorized Wheelchair Clinic Neurology – movement disorders Podiatry Infectious Disease

12 Video-conferencing Equipment
Monitor and Camera

13 Video-conferencing Equipment
Electronic Stethoscope

14 Video-conferencing Equipment
Electronic Stethoscope

15 Video-conferencing Equipment
Electronic Stethoscope

16 Video-conferencing Equipment
Electronic Otoscope

17 Video-conferencing Equipment
Electronic Otoscope

18 Video-conferencing Equipment
Electronic Hand Held Camera Oral Skin lesions Wounds Neck Veins

19 Store & Forward - Telehealth
Diabetic Retinal Screening Dermatology Wound Care Podiatry

20 Telehealth - Store & Forward
Tele - Retinal Equipment

21 Video to Home - Telehealth

22 Video to Home - Telehealth
Real time care in the home Pilot underway Barriers to overcome Patient equipment and internet access Knowledge Technical support

23 My HealtheVet - Telehealth

24 My HealtheVet Research Health
Healthy Living Centers Disease and Condition Centers Mental Health Resources Medical Libraries Service Related Conditions MedlinePlus® My HealtheVet Learning Center Monthly feature articles

25 My HealtheVet Pharmacy
VA Prescription Refills VA Prescription Refill History Self-entered medications, herbals, over-the-counters (OTCs), and supplements VA Medications List* My Complete Medications List (VA and self-entered)* Over 27.5 million VA prescription refill requests since launched in August 2005 *requires authenticated account

26 VA Blue Button

27 My HealtheVet Secure Messaging*
eHealth Clinical Service for non-urgent communication with patient’s health care team Veterans can request appointments, prescription renewals, ask health and/or administrative questions, etc. *requires authenticated account

28 2012 Telehealth Encounters Tennessee Valley Healthcare System
Home Telehealth 9000 CVT Store & Forward 5500 MyHealtheVet

29 Nationally VA Telehealth
2011 over 380,000 Veterans used its clinic-based Telehealth services. another 100,000 patients nationwide were enrolled in VA’s Home Telehealth program



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