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OVERVIEW OF TELEHEALTH TVHS 2012 Dr. David A Baker, MD, MBA Clinical Informatics Officer TVHS.

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1 OVERVIEW OF TELEHEALTH TVHS 2012 Dr. David A Baker, MD, MBA Clinical Informatics Officer TVHS

2 WHAT is Telehealth Telecommunications and videoconferencing HT – Home Telehealth CVT – Clinical Video Telehealth S&F – Store and Forward images MHV - My HealtheVet Patient Portal Video to Home – coming

3 WHY - Telehealth Telehealth in VA helps ensure veteran patients get the right care in the right place at the right time. Easier access to CARE – Travel time and cost, convenience – Decrease barriers to CARE – Increase efficiency of CARE Patient Demand

4 Home Telehealth Not Home Health Telehealth Equipment/Nursing/case management Ability to monitor veterans with chronic diseases (COPD, DM, HTN, PTSD, CHF, Depression) MOVE (Weight management)

5 WHO - Home Telehealth o Patients at higher risk o Need for more frequent biometric monitoring o Distance/travel problems o Medication compliance issues o Educational gaps

6 Disease Management Protocols Diabetes Heart Failure COPD CAD Hypertension Depression PTSD Substance Use Disorder Weight Management Future DMP's are under consideration or development ( SCI, smoking cessation, chronic kidney disease hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, palliative care, mild TBI, dementia)

7 Health Buddy

8 CVT – Clinical Video Telehealth Local – Go to the local VA Clinic Connect to a Provider miles away Use videoconferencing equipment Great for education – Preventive Health/MOVE – weight management – Nutrition – Diabetic Education Excellent for many Mental Health Groups and Individual clinics

9 CVT – Clinical Video Telehealth Medication Management Pharm D – Pain meds – Lipids/cholesterol – Diabetic meds

10 CVT – Clinical Video Telehealth Almost same as a face to face exam but NOT Not always a substitute for an in person visit More difficult for some specialty services needing a hands on physical exam

11 CVT - Telehealth Education Mental Health Medication Management Heart Failure Motorized Wheelchair Clinic Neurology – movement disorders Podiatry Infectious Disease

12 Video-conferencing Equipment Monitor and Camera

13 Video-conferencing Equipment Electronic Stethoscope

14 Video-conferencing Equipment Electronic Stethoscope

15 Video-conferencing Equipment Electronic Stethoscope

16 Video-conferencing Equipment Electronic Otoscope

17 Video-conferencing Equipment Electronic Otoscope

18 Video-conferencing Equipment Electronic Hand Held Camera Oral Skin lesions Wounds Neck Veins

19 Store & Forward - Telehealth Diabetic Retinal Screening Dermatology Wound Care Podiatry

20 Telehealth - Store & Forward Tele - Retinal Equipment

21 Video to Home - Telehealth

22 Real time care in the home Pilot underway Barriers to overcome Patient equipment and internet access Knowledge Technical support

23 My HealtheVet - Telehealth

24 24 My HealtheVet Research Health Healthy Living Centers Disease and Condition Centers Mental Health Resources Medical Libraries Service Related Conditions MedlinePlus® My HealtheVet Learning Center Monthly feature articles

25 25 VA Prescription Refills VA Prescription Refill History Self-entered medications, herbals, over-the-counters (OTCs), and supplements VA Medications List* My Complete Medications List (VA and self-entered)* Over 27.5 million VA prescription refill requests since launched in August 2005 *requires authenticated account My HealtheVet Pharmacy

26 26 VA Blue Button

27 27 My HealtheVet Secure Messaging* *requires authenticated account eHealth Clinical Service for non-urgent communication with patients health care team Veterans can request appointments, prescription renewals, ask health and/or administrative questions, etc.

28 2012 Telehealth Encounters Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Home Telehealth9000 CVT3000 Store & Forward5500 MyHealtheVet7000

29 Nationally VA Telehealth 2011 over 380,000 Veterans used its clinic- based Telehealth services. another 100,000 patients nationwide were enrolled in VAs Home Telehealth program


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