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Brings Interactive Care to Hawaii Maui AgeWave, LLC.

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1 Brings Interactive Care to Hawaii Maui AgeWave, LLC

2 Maui AgeWave’s Focus Build on the perspective of the patient/family/ providers - easy to use - any location (Fisherman’s Harbor Club House -below) - lower cost of implementation and support In-home care and reduction of transport a primary application Rural/underserved populations Use of wireless technology

3 Focus cont. Sustainable cost model based on: – Elimination of software purchase/expensive equipment – Utilization of personal computer and a platform license – Minimal IT intervention needed Scalable – single platform with multiple applications USB compatible patient monitoring devices incorporated as needed Interactive Care is as applicable in the living room as in a rural clinic

4 Maui AgeWave Funds DOH Pilot Project – Purpose: To assess the potential of monitoring and communicating with elderly patients in their homes via telecare, determining the types of conditions that are best served by this technology. Twelve home-bound /medically-frail patients in four health categories receiving four to six visits each: 1) Behavioral and mental health issues 2) Skin conditions (rash, ulcer, etc.) 3) Chronic diseases (diabetes, COPD, etc) 4) Assessment of motion 48 patient telehome visits were completed Patient results exceeded expectations except in low bandwidth locations

5 Behavioral Dementia / Alzheimer's Depression / Bipolar Developmentally disabled Compliance with physician recommendation and treatment Identification / assessment of behavioral changes

6 Skin Conditions Wound management Assessment and treatment protocols Prevention of complications Remote supervision of wound care processes /dressings On-site treatment without transport

7 Chronic Disease and Compliance Disease management and monitoring – Medication – Diet / nutrition – Patient Monitoring – Exercise – Holistic view of patient

8 Assessment of Motion Regular observation of balance / steadiness Relocation / transfers / gait reviews Assistance device assessment and compliance Assessment as a fall risk Condition of extremities and digits

9 Maui AgeWave Mission and goals – Outreach - Connect more patients with care providers Seniors Disabled/Disadvantaged Rural and remote Medically frail Native Hawaiians -- Fewer transports – Neighborhood/family ‘clinics’ – Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities – Real time communication between patient/providers/ families – Optimize the continuity of care for all to age-in place

10 HIPAA Security The HIPAA Security regulations apply to Protected Health Information (PHI) that is electronically maintained or used in transmission. Its requirements are divided into: Physical Security Electronic Security Administrative Security (Patent Pending-- Interactive Care) -Identification & Authentication -Authorized Privileges & Content Control -Confidentiality/Integrity -Accountability and Audit Ability to Report


12 It’s as easy as One—Two—Three!

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