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Epi Tools Everyone Can Use

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1 Epi Tools Everyone Can Use
Emily Mosites, MPH Alice Green, DVM Katie Garman, MPH

2 Objectives Review concepts from regional outbreak training
Line list Resources for outbreaks Demonstrate use of statistical software to develop Epi-curve Symptom profile 2x2 tables (OR, RR) Data management/ analysis tips

3 Regional Outbreak Training Objectives
Provide Regional Health Departments with tools to investigate clusters and outbreaks Today: foodborne diseases Concepts are generalizable Promote collaboration and understanding between epidemiologists/CEDS staff, environmentalists, and laboratorians “Epi-Ready” model

4 Foodborne illness investigations
The “Stool” Foodborne illness investigations Lab Epidemiology Environmental

5 Foodborne illness investigations
Epi Tools Foodborne illness investigations Lab Epidemiology Environmental

6 Tools Many tools you can use Today’s focus Excel SAS EpiInfo

7 Compile a Line list: Excel

8 Data Entry Tips Blank does not equal “No” Single-word variable name
Use 1= yes & 0= no OR 1=yes & 3=no Proper alignment to calculate RR

9 Analysis in Excel

10 Why Excel? If you don’t want to start having dreams in SAS code
If you have never heard of EpiInfo If you find yourself doing analysis in the middle of the woods with only Microsoft ® Office™ USE EXCEL!!!

11 Overview Summarizing Data with PivotTables
RR, OR, and Chi Squares Test Page Incubation period and EpiCurve We will send you an excel workbook with these formulas and explanations!

12 Why use SAS in an outbreak investigation?
It’s powerful Fisher’s exact Easy to screen large numbers of variables It’s subsidized by CDC It’s fun!! Embrace your dorkiness










22 Fisher’s Exact Test


24 Meal Date (exposure)

25 Illness Onset Date

26 End Illness Date

27 Why use Epi-Info (Version 3.5.1)
Easy Point and click Rapid questionnaire development Simple commands Accessible available anywhere at anytime at FREE


29 Click on analyze data

30 Click on Read (Import)

31 Select the correct data format
Find your file

32 Make sure all of your records have been imported

33 Start looking at your data

34 Type “=1” to select those who were sick
Select your variable

35 List Select your variable Sick = 1 is selected
To unselect click on cancel select

36 Create symptom profile using frequency command

37 Frequencies Stratify by sick Select your variables

38 Symptom Profile

39 Develop an epi curve using the graph command

40 Select Bar Graph Choose onset date


42 Calculating relative risk or odds ratio using the tables command

43 Remember… In order to calculate RR well 1 ill BBQ 15 20 No BBQ 5 1 ill
1= yes 3= no well 1 ill BBQ 15 20 No BBQ 5 1 ill 3 well BBQ 20 15 No BBQ 5 RR= 15/(15+20) = 0.53 20/(20+5) RR= 20/(20+15) = 2.85 5/(5+20)

44 Add exposure variable Add outcome variable

45 BBQ Chicken

46 Sweet Tea

47 Resources for Outbreaks

48 Modifiable gastrointestinal outbreak questionnaires
Modifiable gastrointestinal outbreak questionnaires Sample databases

49 Thank you! Connie Robinson and staff Rand Carpenter John Dunn

50 Questions 615-741-7247 Emily:
Alice: Katie:

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